Saturday, 30 June 2007

There's no accounting for taste

I've just made a most unpleasant discovery: The MetaFour have an Emo in their midst!

There I was, enjoying a civilised G&T around Karen's*, when, out of the shadows beside her welsh dresser, stepped this emo!

Well, I nearly spat out out my gin, I was so surprised. Fortunately for my host (not The Host), it was the good stuff so I wasn't going to waste it, and managed to swallow, not spit.

"Good Gods!" I exclaimed.

The emo just gave a slight shrug and sighed faintly before wandering into the kitchen - rather elegantly, I must admit - on it's high heels.

"Oh, don't mind Lucien" said Karen. "He's just practising not being seen."

He? I was curious. I was well aware that emos wore make-up. Come July, once the schools break up, Boots make-up counter would be cleared out of any shade darker than charcoal. And great drifts of over-made-up, miserable teenagers would be bringing a surly, black tarnish to the city, as they wandered around spreading misery and contempt.
What they didn't tend to do, though, especially the males of the subspecies, was wear high heels. And tights, come to think of it.

"He?" I queried, gesturing to the heels as Lucien stood at the kitchen counter contemplating a limp bit of lollo rosso.

"Oh, Lucien had an epiphany last month" Karen started to explain somewhat wearily before turning and shouting into the kitchen "Didn't you, dear?"

Lucien ignored her.

"We'd only just got over the emo-thing when he surprised us with the cross-dressing. And then, last week, he told us he was joining the MetaFour junior reserves.
"Well, at that point, we were a bit blase about his decision. We knew he was a Supernatural obviously - With Emma** as a twin sister, how could he not be?"

"Mmm" I said.

"Anyway, we don't really mind. At least it gets him out of the house and mixing with other people."

"Yes." I was more than mildly stunned. "And what does he call himself, then? Or hasn't he taken a codename, yet?"

Karen looked me in the eyes, as if daring me to comment on what she was about to reveal.


I didn't even blink.

* Wraith's mum.
** Wraith.


  1. You probably should've just killed it.

  2. How curious

    Verrrry curious

  3. Tim: It'd've been a bit rude. After all, his mum was in the same room!

    Still, I know where he lives...

    Cyberpete: Indeed!

  4. This Lucien geezer....Is it Steve?

  5. I totally forgot to ask what the heels looked like.

  6. Did he/she come with the shed?

  7. "Anyway, we don't really mind. At least it gets him out of the house and mixing with other people."

    Surely the emos just sit in the dark and write morbid poetry?

  8. SID: Well, the penchant for dressing up in womens clothes and denying poofiness are both there...

    Cyberpete: A bit clumpy, actually. I think they must have belonged to an old lady-they looked very much like a charity shop buy.

    Tickers: No, thank goodness. Honestly, can you imagine popping out on to the patio of an evening and having a tranny emo lurking in the undergrowth?!

    Skillz: This one's a bit different. There's the heels, for one...


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