Sunday, June 24, 2007

Just testing...


  1. Yay!

    Nice to see the medication's kicking in.

    It's an intergalactic zebra crossing isn't it?

  2. If I was Brittany Spears I'd probably say:

    "Ooo, lurk at all th' purty twisty thangs! I want a burger now. Give Brittany a burger."

  3. this makes me think of an eyeball, a roll of film, and an ink-blot test, all at once.

  4. It's way pretty, you saucy little minx! Erm... when are the little elf lederhosen going to happen?

  5. I am feeling sleepy...
    We are all in your power...

  6. Spot on, SID. Here comes an intergalactic zebra now... No, wait... It's Britney Spears wearing one of T or P's infamous horizontal-striped tops!

    Tim: Britney needs a couple more burgers if she's to pull off the 'Tazzy & Piggy' look. She's already made a start with the whole head-shaving thing.

    Dinah: Yes.

    T-Bird: Thank you. The Shorts won't be making an appearance on me until at least mid-July. However, they may pop in unofficially beforehand, though...

    Snooze: Excellent! Bring me wine, chocolates and an assortment of hunky men. Ah, I see Tim's already here!

  7. Have you been burning doughnuts on your Honda?

  8. All I can say is that Kitty Meow tried to scratch the screen upon seeing this picture.

    It made him angry.

    And that made me laugh.

  9. Cheeky cunt.

    I cant believe that stick insect casts aspersions on our girth.

    It's all muscle, you know.

  10. You didn't try polishing the car with the elf shorts did you?

  11. Mutley: I tried it once, but the fat melted out and eroded the paint on the bonnet.

    Anyway, it was a Nissan...

    Dora: It made me laugh too.

    Take this Kitty Meow: Aha hah hah hah ha!!

    T&P: Of course it is - I didn't mean otherwise. Didn't you know that 'burger' is a Norfolkism for um... weights? Yes. That's right. Weights. Um...

    Connie: I've never seen Car flinch so much in my unlife. Well, not since that time Indescribable tried getting in when she had the Painters And Decorators in.