Sunday, 21 January 2007

A - Z of (un)Life

Yay! A meme! And this time, from none other than Tazzy & Piggy. Who'd've thought it, eh? Anyway (Piggy's favourite word), both myself and the Host will be completing this.

A - available / single? Available? For what? Available. Did you hear that, Connor?

B - best friend? I'm very lucky to have several.

C - Cookie, fave cookie? In this country, we call them biscuits! Sainsbury's Taste The Difference half chocolate coated ginger. Yum!

D - drink of choice? Newborn baby blood. Sauvignon blanc from the Marlborough region of New Zealand.

E - essential item you use everyday? My wand! Contact lenses.

F - favourite colour? Blood red or piercing-eye blue.

G - gummi bears or worms? Neither. The medium of gummi is repulsive!

H - hometown? Norwich.

I - indulgence? Breathing. Lounging in the bath for an hour or so, with wine, cake and a book to keep me company.

J - January or February? February, because all the Christmas crap is over, the wretched sales have finished and the bank balance is looking healthier.

K - kids & their names? What? I don't keep count. And I certainly don't want to know their names - It'd be like eating a pet. It means: Do you have any, not how many have you eaten? Oh. Heaven forbid! Needless to say, I don't have any of the little bleeders either.

L - life is incomplete without? Living. George Shit! I mean, Connor.

M - marriage date? Whose? I'm going to three in as many months this year. May: A school friend's. June: My sister, Inexcuseable's. July: A college friend's. Obviously not getting married myself. I don't think I will even when I do finally manage to bag a man. See, Connor? You won't be tied down!

N - number of siblings? Two. Indescribable and Inexcuseable. And they both are!

O - orange or apple? Apple, definitely. The skin around orange segments is too chewey. So much so that it makes me vomit.

P - phobias / fears? Whiney blonde girls from Kansas with buckets of water. Insects with long stick-like legs, such as crane fly and harvestman spiders.

Q - favourite quote? Ooh, probably something from Parenthood. Maybe Frank's "Your mouth used up all the power" in response to his wife Marilyn's question of "What happened?" after the lights cut out mid way through her long list of things that Grandma needs. Or, Susan exclaiming "She's not a bomb!" after her husband Nathan says their daughter Patty's not ready to be socially activated.

No. No. I've changed my mind. I think it'll have to be either "Tickets? Money? Passport?" as bellowed by Edina from Ab Fab. Or Jennifer Saunders answering "They don't do anything" after Dawn French asks her what a particular celebrity does.

I've changed my mind again. I'm going to go with: "Marge? You know how bashful I am. I can't even say titmouse without giggling like a schoolgirl. Hee hee hee. Heee heee hee!" And if you don't know who said that, then shame on you!

R - reason to smile? Seeing someone fall over.

S - season? Autumn. Because it's still warm, relatively dry and windy.

T - tag 4 to 5 People? The Coven of Hags. There, that's four all at once. And Qenny.

U - unknown fact about me? I once was 'intimate' with the wrong twin.

V - vegetable you don't like? Cauliflower. And sprouts. Blechh!

W - worst habit? Being nice. Procrastination.

X - X-ray you've had? My left wrist, after getting pushed in a thorn bush in the first year of high school, then swelling up having been speared by the biggest thorn in the world.

Y - your favourite food? I don't have a particular favourite food, although I'm currently into marzipan.

Z - zodiac sign? Aries. For both of us, actually.

Right. No more of these for a little while.


  1. Oooh! I love these memes and I LOVE getting tagged! And, I also crack the IDVinci code... blue for the host and white for IDV?

    PS. I am sure Connor is all a-lathered up with baby oil after this post.
    VW = rylad. Sounds like a date rape drug, doesn't it?

    Oh, and that comment should in no way be taken for an endorsment for said intercourse, of course.

  2. Q - I don't even watch or like that show and I know who said that. I'm a bit worried.

    U - 'unknown fact about me? I once was 'intimate' with the wrong twin' <--I like your style ;) Did you manage to bag both?

    Finally, way to go Connor!

  3. I was intruiged by the fact you have/had a weak wrist.

    How very peculiar and unexpected.

    Who'd have thought IDV would be limp-wristed.

  4. Anonymous21/1/07 15:08

    Me too Tazzy. Me too.

    Intruiged that is, not limp-wristed.

    The fucking poof.

  5. Heee hee hee. Titmouse! Hee hee heee.

  6. T-Bird: Snaps to you, for you are Codebreaker Extraordinaire!
    I hope Connor's all ready too, then I won't have to crack open the Rylad...

    Cyberpete: re Q - I think you just need to come out of the televisual closet and admit you're a fan!
    As for the Wrong Twin - I had been seeing the Right Twin (although he was Wrong, too) for a while, then after getting hideously drunk one night, mistook the Wrong Twin for the Right Twin. He didn't seem to mind. In fact he actively encouraged it! The Right twin, however, was furious...

    Tazzy: I know! It's certainly not my intention to shock anyone with these kind of revelations.

    Piggy: I believe you were correct with your limp-wristedness. In fact, you really should get it seen to, as your hand seems to have drooped onto the keyboard after you'd finished typing and somewhat coincidently spelt 'the fucking poof'. How bizarre!?

    Dinah: Good job it wasn't cock robin! Hee hee! Cock!

  7. Look - I 'm away from the blogging world for a day and I get tagged! Please excuse my tardiness - off to do it naaaaaaaw!

  8. Oh, OK then Tim. You're excused.

  9. This was a cool tag! Ummmm, is the marzipan thing a holdover from Xmas?

  10. Anonymous21/1/07 22:50

    "Reason to smile? Seeing someone fall over"

    When pushed I hope?

  11. T-Bird: I'm glad you liked it. Although, Piggy & Tazzy are to blame for it.
    As for the marzipan: No, marzipan's for life, not just for Christmas. The same goes for my hatred of sprouts...

    SID: Of course! Is there any other way?

  12. The Right twin should have just lightened up and perhaps joined you?

  13. Argh! I didn't know I was tagged....I'm the slowest of the coven obviously because they have all done theirs.


    Okay, well...I'm off to get mine done. Soz.

  14. I love the dual commenting. As for the twin story, that's the most hilarious story. The Right twin shouldn't have been upset though, because really you're several entities anyhow. I'm sure the Wrong twin was just enjoying the Host.

  15. Cyberpete: You're right, he should!

    Dora: No rush. Except that I want it done by close of play today. But because I'm a generous sort, it's close of play UK time, not Oz time.

    Snooze: Dammit! If only I'd thought of that at the time.

  16. Heh. Marzipan for Life should be on a T-shirt. Or a band name. Or something.


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