Sunday, 28 January 2007

Slave labour

Well, I've just got back from even more concreting at The Parents. The only thing that stopped me from looking straight was my pouting while standing hands-on-hips next to the cement mixer.

I might have flicked my hair a little bit in the wind, too...

Anyway, a leisurely stroll through Sainsbury's on the way home, oooohhh-ing at the bed linen and aaaah-ing at the hair & skin products brought me 'round a bit. A long hot bath later should just about purge my system of any remaining desires to burp and scratch my arse...

Actually, one of the good things about all this manliness is the workout I'm getting. I might not even need to go swimming next week, which may be a good thing as I've heard that mermaid is back.


  1. I once climbed inside a cement mixer.

    Very cramped.

  2. Why? Were you a child? Or were you having one of those nights, like mine on Friday?

  3. I'm in the mood for doing something arduous. Maybe I'll finally get round to decorating my bathroom.

    Well done on the concreting - there's something quite satisfying about a bit of manual labour, eh?

  4. Pouting next to the mixer? Sounds like something I would do......

  5. My drive needs concreting up, can you do me a quote?

  6. I love the image of you pouting next to the cement mixer. I think you are doing all that is in your power to cope with the alarming demands of your parents. No wonder you had to overindulge on Friday.

  7. Tim: I can't tell if you're being pervy or not with that last comment. Actually, I'm guessing 'not' which makes me the perv. Siiighhhhhh...

    T-Bird: Perhaps we should try it next a blender or food processor?

    Skillz: * sucks in air through teeth *
    Ooh, I dunno, Guv. That incline'll be a bugger to cover. And look at all them drains and pipes! You're looking at a couple of thou' easy.
    Tell you what. As it's you, I'll do it for one an' arf. How's that?

    Snooze: I know! Next, they'll have me putting up sheds or replumbing the house!

  8. I think pouting beside a kitchen appliance will require some form of lip gloss....

  9. Ooh! And false nails and strappy heels!

  10. Yes, hands on hips, pouting and a blender is more like it.

    What you are doing for your parents is above and beyond the call of duty. Such arduous tasks belong to the straight blokes.

    They make good cement, we make good cocktails.

  11. Good point, Cyberpete. I'll inform The Parents as such next time they try to coerce me into manual labour.

    Of course, they'll probably have a right conniption when I do, so I'll just tell them you told me to. I don't think even their insidious mind powers can reach Denmark, so you might be safe...

  12. Damn, I thought you meant Daryl Hannah. She's one of the few honorary gorillas with blond pubic hair.

  13. I do know some hunky gay men in construction, but I think for you IDV, that you need to get your host's parents to have you *supervise* a group of young guys - with rippling muscles. You could then stand there pouting with a cocktail in hand, ordering the young straight boys to do your bidding.

  14. Anonymous30/1/07 00:08

    Polonium 210 kills them - or get revenge and swim down to her watery home an eat all her fish!

  15. I thought "concreting" was a code word for something else. But apparently, it's not...

  16. Were you showing cleavage? It's traditonal you know.

  17. Anonymous31/1/07 03:24

    You should cultivate the look. You can trick gay men into trying to convert you.

  18. are all mermaids so disgusting do you think or is it just this one?

  19. Anonymous31/1/07 09:47

    Jay - convert him to what?

  20. G B: I'm sure she wouldn't be so disgusting. Would she?

    Snooze: I like your thinking! Of course, they might need some one-on-one supervision...

    Mutley: You know, I'm sure I've got a jar of that in the back of the pantry somewhere...

    Dinah: Sadly not. Unless it's code for cold, tiring, manual labour.

    Tickers: Although my jeans did slip down a bit, my undergarments stayed up. Thankfully!

    Jay: If only you'd got here earlier to dispense that sage advice - I've washed all the muck and cement out of my clothes now!


    KG: Well, most of them do have a bit of a seaweedy pong, but usually they don't 'trail' in public. This particular one is just a dirty cow!

    P&T: Cheek!

  21. Mutley said: swim down to her watery home an eat all her fish!

    This is one of them metty-fours, isn't it?


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