Wednesday, 17 January 2007


I only tapped her on the shoulder to ask if she wanted a coffee and she spontaneously combusted.

She could've just said 'No, thanks'.

Silly cow always has to be centre of attention...


  1. Good grief! Whatever will you do with the legs?!

  2. Anonymous17/1/07 13:31

    It looks like she spontaneously combusted at the muff!


    I bet that stung!

    Serves her right for rubbing it so often.

  3. Pass me a pointed stick and a bag of marshmallows.

  4. Good heavens!

    I suppose she didn't coffee then?

  5. want, I suppose she didn't want coffee then?

    That's more like it.

  6. Tim: I'm going to attach a brush to one, and a pan to the other. Then I can sweep up her charred remains.

    P&T: Hahhahhhehahahe hahaeeehahh hahehhahhehhah hahheh hahheahheahaha
    Every time I read your comment I lapse into fits of laughter!

    Heh heh. Muff.

    MJ: * passes them over * Don't eat too many and get sick, now.

    Cyberpete: I suppose not. Although, thinking about it, she always did prefer tea...

  7. those legs remind me of Kareem Abdul Jabar in that Bruce Lee film.

  8. Anything interesting in her handbag?

  9. Skillz: I don't know who that is (in my head, I sound like Agnes Skinner. I don't quite know why?).

    Frobi: Rennie Deflatine and half her head...

  10. I hate it when that happens.

    Oh btw, Ed has finally made it into my blog.

  11. Anonymous17/1/07 22:36

    You want to watch which finger you use to do the tapping.

  12. this reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes but I can't put my finger exactly on why.

  13. Anonymous17/1/07 23:16

    This happens to me all the time - it might be to do with aftershave, excessive farting or spirit posession!.

  14. Anonymous17/1/07 23:17

    Maybe this is what pocket fire extinguishers are suppossed to be for?

  15. My goodness. She could have been more considerate and not have put her sooty remains all over the walls.

  16. That'll learn her for lighting her methane ejaculations.

    Jesus Christ - is that picture real? I can feel a nerd research session on wikipedia comin'up for the T-Bird. Just don't tell Kenickie and Danny.

  17. Tickers: Ooh, I'll pop right over...

    Qenny: I'm now wondering if it was indeed my flamethrower finger?

    Dinah: Perhaps Calvin would like the same thing to happen to Suzie?

    Mutley: You must go through a lot of clothes. As for the spirit possession - I can help you there - I'll be glad to take any bottles of gin off your hands...

    Snooze: I know. Selfish cow. Never thinking of the consequences.

    T-Bird: Luckily the follow-through was flammable, too, otherwise the opposite wall would've been just as... soiled.

  18. I hate drama queens too!

    When someone asks if I want a coffee, I mearly give myself leathal injection so i dont cause a fuss


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