Thursday, January 04, 2007

Midnight Juggernaut

I've never really given much thought to Optimus Prime.

Until now:

Cwwwooowwwooooaaaaarrrrhhh! a la Kenneth Connor from the Carry on Films (especially Carry On Cruising).

Actually, Jim Dale was quite the fox in Carry On Doctor...

Actually, who's your favourite wrinkly (or dead) old British actor? I think we can safely assume Dinah's is Patsy! Although, to make it fair, you've all got to pick someone who's been in at least one Carry On film.

I was going to entitle this post Well! I thought somebody in this house ought to be having sex - At least with something that doesn't require batteries! from Parenthood, but then realised that yesterday's find on MTVDance was far more suitable. When were you going to tell us about them, eh Miss T? I'm speaking to you too Dora and Spike!



    Ohh that is a sexy toy...

  2. Oooh, let me think on the actor...

  3. How about Bella Lugosi? Sinister and sexy...

  4. Ok, he does have a certain something. But I still prefer the blokes from Battle Of The Planets.

  5. Ian Holme.

    *blinking in spotlight*

  6. Joan Sims. "Just the one, Mrs Wembley" was a classic line.

  7. Favourite 'actor'? Are you ruling out the wimmin then? Or am I just being pedantic because I want to get back into bed and sleep for another 3 hours?

    British and old? Well, I'd have to say that woman (I'm being inclusive) in the tampax adverts in 1977.

    Not only was she fab enough to break down some boundaries, but acted like she could horse-ride (bareback too!), roller blade, abseil and make a souffle that didn't collapse.

    Fantastic acting. And so realistic. I believed every second of it.

  8. Oh, so many....

    I love David Niven.

    And Bernard Hill who was the King of Rohan in LOTR.

    I would go Sir Ian McKellan if I was a boy for a day.

    Patsy gets my vote as well!

    Erm, sorry about Midnight Juggernaught. I am yet to get into them myself! I've been on a Ryan (NOT BRYAN) Adams / Sufjan Stevens bender.

  9. M'Lady: Toy? TOY?! Why, it's a ruddy great robot with a ruddy great gun! Although, having a toy version could come in handy...

    Wyndham: I'm glad you made it back - Ah, Mr Steptoe Jr himself. Good choice.

    Mutley: Good God! Can you imagine him in Carry On Screaming?!

    Qenny: Mark & Jason nearly made a showing - perhaps in the next 'crush' post?

    Spike: I'll have to come back later - my tea's cooked!

    I'll try not to be too long, everyone else...

  10. Oof! I'm back! Here we go again...

    Tim: Classic line about a classic choice!

    P&T: Yes, you're being pedantic. Doesn't actor mean actress now, too? Well, it is the age of equality and all that.
    As for 'that actress' believeable she may have been, but I'm sure I wouldn't know, what with being a mere whippersnapper of 2 in 1977... Ha!

    T-Bird: Give me Eomer, king Bernard's son or nephew or whatever he was, anyday!

    Wyndham: I... Oh. I've done you already. So to speak.

  11. Okay. McKellan and Dench and her wot played Pats as well.

    Actress tends to mean the actor is over That Certain Age.

  12. Does Clare Grogan have wrinkles yet?

  13. You know me too well!

  14. Archibald Alexander Leach for moi.

  15. I think James Hunt the dead racing driver.

    Or David Cassidy in tight trousers circa 1973 (is he dead?).

    or even Miles O'Keeffe with those big nips.

    Retro totty rules!!!

  16. I don't know enough Carry On to name an actor from the series, but for older actors, I drool over Albert Finney in Tom Jones every. single. time.

    Thank you for the intro to Midnight Juggernauts. I'm listening to them right now.

  17. Spike: Ooh, yes! Dench and Lumley. I'd like to see those to together in something (nothing lesbionic, though).

    Skillz: Maybe laughter lines?

    Dinah: I'll try and keep secret all the other things I know. For a price...

    SID: Cary Grant himself.

    Frobi: I remember seeing Miles on one of Graham Norton's shows - he was a very good sport, as I recall.

    Snooze: As am I. Their EP came in the post today - I only ordered it on the 2nd, it was posted on the 4th (from somewhere in the USA, no less) and there it was on my doormat when I got home from work just now! Amazing! Yay to &!