Monday, 15 January 2007


Do you know, I got half way to work this morning when I had the feeling that I'd forgotten something. I patted my pockets: Yep. Keys and swipe card were accounted for. They were the items I mostly disremembered.* I opened my bag: Lunch? Check. Mug? Check. Phone? Check. Wallet? Check. Address book? Check. Hmmmmm... I thought.
I took a furtive glance around before discreetly checking for an open fly. Nope. That was done up. What had I forgotten?
Then I raised my hand to my head: Hair? Solidly styled against the ravages of the wind. Phewwww! At least I'd remembered to do my hair.

And then it struck me.

Oh no! I'd left IDV behind!

We'd been messing around with this Demon Box and Witchface had gone in to torment it after it wouldn't accept certain symbols in a... Let's just say a recipe we are working on.
Anyway, while Witchface fought with the HTML demons, I went to the bathroom to fix my hair and eyebrows, picked up my bag on the way out, and left the house, forgetting the battle being fought in the 'Box.

Needless to say, by the time I'd got back and we'd reincorporated, IDV wasn't amused. I keep getting scolded in these things '< - >'!

* I've been in a bit of a Dannii Minogue groove lately.


  1. Anonymous15/1/07 22:22


    I frequently forget myself. I left me on the sofa when I went to work last week...

  2. I hear quite a few people have been in Dannii Minogue's groove recently . . .

  3. Tisk tisk, silly billy.

  4. So you're saying your eyebrows have grown back after that unfortunate incident not so long ago? Or are you still penciling them in?

  5. Disrememberance is a good song. Still have no clue what the woman is singing about but she does it to a good dance beat.

    Everything goes down that much better to a good dance beat.

  6. Well someone needs to get a good flying monkey whipping.

    Poor IDV....

  7. Dannii Minogue! The lesser Minogue, but no less fascinating.

    I love her nose job...

  8. That was a tad careless. But at least you'd done your hair!


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