Saturday, 3 June 2006

Halt! Who Goes There? or Are You Reading Me? Over.

I realise my rantings can be madder than a hedgehog in slingbacks sometimes, but do you all still read them? Are you reading this?

Anyway, back to tonights post.

How many lives do you live?

How many worlds do you live in?

The physical world, naturally. Plus, your dream world. As Nancy Sinatra sings: "You Only Live Twice" - Not neccessarily, Nancy. There's the Blogworld. No less a world than any other. A place of connection, of knowledge, of wit, of personal insight and, of course, filth!

Then there's Your Own World. That place you go to without thinking about it. That place you can be either alone or sociable. Be far away or so close to yourself that nothing else matters. Be so distant that nothing and everything revolves around you in perfect time. That place you go to escape without realising you are. The place that accepts you for you only, doesn't question, doesn't hesitate, just takes you unconditionally.

How about the worlds of others? You might first visit with trepidation but find yourself accepted into it. Or find that you'll never belong, never be comfortable, always on edge. You either go because duty compels you, or you go because you don't know how not to.

How many worlds do you visit?


  1. Well now, that's a good question. I'll have to think about it.

    be back later :-)

  2. I'm reading!

    And as you asked so nicely - I'd love to go to Alpha Centauri, but the ticket prices are ludicrous.

    Oh, that's not what you meant...


  3. 1) Mine - just for me
    2) My family's
    3) Work
    4, 5, 6, and 7) Those that belong to close friends and collide with mine
    8) Social my world - where other people are invited an I venture out to meet them

    Very interesting and thought provoking as always, IDV....

  4. Again IDV, as miss haversham says a great thought provoking post. Having a flimsy grip on reality at the best of times I am happier in my fantasy world most of the time, but like to visit other worlds.

  5. Anonymous4/6/06 11:41

    1 inner world born strong and confident
    2 inner world existential shocked
    3 inner world distraught
    4 inner world medicated - calm but unaware
    5 outer world family
    6 outer world social
    7 outer world just passing through
    8 spiritual world - lovely

  6. You mean there are worlds that exist outside Planet MJ?

  7. Hmm...first, I read.

    Okay. I live...
    my life
    my family life - parents
    my family life - sister
    my work life
    my blog life (probably closer to my life than any others)
    my public life (that makes it sound like I'm the Queen or something, but the part of me that I'm friendly with other people, not as potentially dark as in my inner head).

    But on second thought, those might be worlds that I'm part of than lives that I live. Or are those the same thing?

  8. See you later then, KG

    : Is it not a little hot there at this time of year? Beats Sirius, though...

    Miss H, Frobi & MJ: I think our own worlds are top of the list in almost every case!

    Cherry Rolfe: Hi. I'm liking number 4...

    Dinah: Are you not the Queen? ;)

  9. Hello, back from one of the other worlds!

    ok, well, I'm mostly in my head (you know, on going dialogues, analyzing, etc)
    I have my life at home,
    at work,
    at the children's school,
    on my blog,
    on other people's blogs,
    at the perfume forum.

    They all intersect so its fairly easy to go back and forth.

    thanks for getting my thinking :-)

  10. Hey KG! Sounds like you've got your life weaving down to a fine art.

  11. There is only one. That is the life of being a plastic doll who had dreams of taking over a blog that came true.


  12. Very well done, Inex. Let's see, my worlds...

    1. Inner - Very large, many rooms and hallways, a few hidden closets, always a surprise.
    2. Outer - Basic (Generic)
    3. Outer - For Company (Generic 2, more personable)
    4. Outer - For People I really don't like (This is the nicest Outer World, but has a hidden vicious area that is usually expressed in the Inner World)

    Now, I must go off and contemplate these findings.

  13. Anonymous5/6/06 22:35

    I'm a solipsist, so there's only one, and it's all mine.

  14. I can't stop laughing at the idea that the Queen is visiting my blog and doing things like calling Ken a little bitch.

    I also live in my head too...I think, but I'm not sure, that's different from an internal life. Maybe I'll have to discuss that with myself.

  15. Seven plus Historical World which is like 3,000 worlds.

  16. Forgot Book Worlds. Again with the thousands.

  17. Anonymous6/6/06 16:50

    No one live in the World of Warcraft? How surprising!!

  18. Hmmmmm....My inner world consists of alternate realities and personalities and can often be subdivided into tiny regions of sanity, insanity, cruelty, passion, love and hate. The outer world fuels those things as well although on a less personal note.

  19. Good point, Convict.

    And by books I obviously meant books and movies and the telly. Popular stuff like Harry Potterverse and Star Warsverse that we all pop into every now and then.

    And Nana World, where everyone is doomed to be struck by the nesting urge and has to eat dodgy fruitcake.

  20. I have my inner world where my thoughts are my own.

    I have my insane alternate inner world where I pretend I'm different people - all having complex story lines.

    I have my work self.

    Definitely a world with family.

    Very interesting question!


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