Thursday, 15 June 2006

A Seldom Self

As Charis flew through the still night air, like a blade through velvet, the wind attempted to prize her eyelids open as she slowly accelerated. A shock of moisture drenched her alabaster skin as she hurtled through a cloud, yet still she kept her eyes tightly shut.

Why open her eyes ever again? What good would it do? What more could she see?

Did she even need her limbs? She would never set foot upon the repulsive earth again. Never be sullied by its dirt and doldrums. Never need to reach for its poisoned fruit or grasp its numbing steadfastness.

She let her willowy arms and legs lengthen and stretch, thinning as they did so. Soon they were but ribbons trailing in her wake. Caught in the swirls and eddies that followed in her passing. Eventually she discarded them and they rippled slowly towards the earth below.

I stared at her as I rode beside her in silence. I have no doubt she knew I was flying along with her, stealthy and dark. My silence assured her.


  1. Anonymous15/6/06 23:50

    Yay! First!

    I'd hate having no limbs. Arms anyway (fave word).

    Imagine the awfulness of not being able to wank!

  2. Yeah but no suffering Wanker's Wrist ever again.

  3. Anonymous16/6/06 08:51

    Does she by any chance work for EasyJet?

  4. Anonymous16/6/06 12:57

    P&T: What a disturbing thought

    * shudder *

    Spike: Always the optimist!

    FT: I did suggest it to her but she refuses to wear orange...

  5. Anonymous17/6/06 10:16

    Orange is such an awful colour.

    On anyone.

  6. all wanking aside, this still looks like the beginning of a greaat story.

  7. Anonymous18/6/06 22:39

    I like the dirt and doldrums. They add contrast!

  8. I like wanking. Sorry, just following a thread.

  9. Anonymous20/6/06 23:46

    So do I.

    I'm a wanker and proud of it!

  10. I don't know what I would do without my arms, but if I didn't need them anymore maybe I would let them go. It's a very fish-like image. But more picturesque, less fishy.


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