Saturday, 27 May 2006

W is for Witch

Kyahgirl has charged me with a fun meme. Pick 10 words beginning with the same letter and explain what personal meaning they have. My letter, as you can see is W. Quite fitting, thank you KG!

Witch - Somewhat obviously, I have picked witch as my first word. It's a lot more difficult to explain than I thought it would be. I don't normally think about what it means to be a witch, probably the same as I (and many of you) don't think what it means to be human? Anyway, I don't have to explain myself to you lot - you can just read my entire Blog to get an idea. To keep you going, here's a list of some popular witches.

Warlock - Contrary to popular belief, a warlock is not a male witch. I don't mind being mistaken for one when I'm in a bad mood, though. At least I'm more likely to be left alone.

Wilma - The Host's second pet rabbit. Somewhat ridiculously named after Wilma Flintstone. She was a Netherland dwarf, black on top and white underneath with very dense fur. She was also a miserable little bitch but the Host loved her all the same. She lived in a hutch with the Host's sister's rabbit, Binger, a moronic, solid Netherland dwarf about twice the size of Wilma. Originally, there were a couple of guinea pigs in there too but Wilma used to bite and kick them so they had to be removed.

Wind - I love the wind. From the most gentle zephyr to a roaring gale. The feeling of ribbons of a breeze sliding through my hair or a blustering, forceful gust pushing me about as I walk to work in the morning will have me grinning like a loon in no time. The thought of spreading my arms wide and letting the wind carry me off is almost too much to resist sometimes.

Wiggle - The Host's most recent ex does the most adorable little wiggle of joy when he's pleased. So cute, like a puppy! I'm glad they're still friends as I still get to see it.

Wine - Mmmmm... Wine - a nice Sauvignon blanc from the Marlborough region in New Zealand! Need I say more?

Wednesday - The longest day of the week. Which is probably why it always gets knotted and tangled up with the haddock smelling Thursday. See Shifty's ABOUT ME (her, not me) for the background as she now owns all the rights.

Wichita - I don't mean the place (although I'm sure it's lovely). I mean Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell. A simply beautiful track with haunting strings. Goodness only knows what on Earth it's all about, though.

Wikipedia - A most useful tool for this Blogging lark. Wikipedia has come to my aid countless times. I don't think I could get by without it. Fascinating!

Wisteria - As in Lane. The only thing worth switching the television on for these days. And Lost, of course. Anyway, back to Wisteria Lane and those Desperate Housewives and their hunky husbands & boyfriends! Will Bree ever strangle her vile, ungrateful son, Andrew? Will Susan stop being such a clutz? Will Tom Scavo ever get his kit off again? Please?

There. That's my meme done. I admit it's a bit half-hearted but I'm hungry. If anyone would like a letter just let me know and I'll throw you one.


  1. Will you share what a Warlock is? Being a lazy wench, I've long since given up trying to understand exactly what a witch is- even though I've read lots, if not quite all, of your blog..
    And Terry Pratchett. Lots of Terry Pratchett.

    I might ask Wikipedia to have a stab at explaining it to me- think it'll work? I'm scared, since if it doesn't know a pillar of strength will have been toppled. And then I'd have to drink myself into a stupor to get over it, and I'm being healthy this week.

    And it's not like Wednesday's even a real day, anyway- I might wait til then to ask Wikipedia, 'cos then it won't count.


  2. Hi Imogen.

    I couldn't wait for Wednesday to come to me so I went to it. This is the gist of what Wikipedia told me:

    Warlocks are, among historic Christian traditions, said to be the male equivalent of witches (usually in the pejorative sense of Europe's Middle Ages), and were said to ride pitchforks instead of broomsticks.

    As used by most Wiccans and witches, the term warlock refers to a witch who has been expelled for breaking oaths, revealing secrets, working black magic or committing some other betrayal.

    Essentially, Wikipedia is correct (except for the bit about riding pitchforks - the warlocks I know ride hoes. Telling, isn't it!) so it's strong pillar remains erect! And you can drink yourself into a mild state of delerium instead of a stupor. I hear small doses of delerium are good for one, but I wonder what happens if one has lots of small doses at once...

    Wednesday should be Wednes until its proper 'day' status has been corroborated, don't you think?

  3. I hate Wednesdays, too. Useless days. Thanks for the warlock explanation, I didn't know any of that.
    I love the wind. When I was a little girl I used to sing a song: "The wind, the wind, the wind is blowing, blowing, blowing through the sky..." and I got so into it that I would act out the "blowing blowing" and need to grab on to a pillar for support.

    Can I have a letter?

  4. Willy Wonka, Wanking, W's are soo much fun! I used to have a cat called Pebbles! also Flintstone inspired (the film had just been released).

    Give me a letter! give me a letter!

  5. Anonymous28/5/06 02:09

    You forgot your Wand.

    Phnar phnar :D

  6. I have a male witch friend who must correct every second person who insists on calling him a warlock.

    Wanton. Wench. Wawa peddle.

  7. I hate Wednesday. Not only do I have the worst classes on a Wednesday, but it also means that there are STILL two days of actually having to teach left.
    I like Thursday, because it's so close to Friday.

    Can I have a letter please?


  8. Perhaps you should become an actress, Dinah? And I think I'll give you the letter M

    : I considered wanking - the word rather than the action! You may have the letter T

    : D'OH!

    MJ: So what does he do to the first people? Turn them into toads? I would!

    Dora: Bah! Wednesdays are a far more foul foe than I first suspected. I give you H

  9. Wonderful. As always.

    I would like a letter, please. But only if you can spare one - I do understand how precious they are. You may trust me with one. But just the one - any more and I would be seriously over my weight for the day. Er, week. Not including Wednesdays, though.

  10. Thank you, Shifty.

    How about a sublime N? They'll go with anything and don't take up much room. Ns are also not very fattening.

  11. I love it! Thanks for playing with me IDV :-)

  12. Can I have a letter? I want to play too!

    And I don't want to show off my amazing lack of horticultural knowledge although I'm sure that'll suprise nobody; but wouldn't a hoe be a hit, um, un-aerodynamic?


  13. Oh, and I forgot- Wednes it is then.


  14. You're right, Imogen. Hoes aren't that aerodynamic - but if you get the blade positioned just right, you can do some serious
    us damage on a fly-by... heh heh!

    Your Wednes letter shall be F. Enjoy!

  15. Watch out, I'm coming to get you with a wooden spoon

  16. I've learned so much from this post. I'd have had wanker somewhere, but that's just me.
    Oh and I've corrected my slackness. If you want to beat 'The Lady Who Likes Comfortable Shoes and Is Making an Impression Down Under'.

  17. Nah. Wednes is an excellent day. It's the day the icecream truck comes. It could only get better if it rained beer.

  18. Thanks for the letter. I got a little sidetracked on the blog on a shit slinging mission...but I promise to get back around to it.

  19. Anonymous1/6/06 12:17

    Marlborough does a good sav blanc, innit? You do get some corkers from Waiheke Island as well.

    Wednesdays are great - it's the start of the rush towards the end of the week.

    I know I've come to the party a bit late, but do you have any letters left?

  20. KG: I love to play! No, thank you.

    i_b: You stirrer!

    Tickers: It's about time (says he who hasn't posted since Saturday...).

    Spike: Or gin & tonic!

    D&T: Don't worry. I'm about to go have a butchers at your place...

    Qenny: I think I've got one left somewhere around here...

    * flings stuff everywhere in search of a spare letter *

    Aha! Here: an I just for you.

  21. I found you through Ticker's blog. Fascinating use of a W. I've had problems with Wednesday ever since that children's rhyme that stated "Wednesday's child is full of woe". I always thought that that was majorly unfair. Mind you, I was born on a Saturday and am a little tired of being the one to 'work hard for a living'.

  22. Anonymous2/6/06 13:24

    Hiya Snooze. At least Tickers is good for something... :)
    It's probably time you had a day off, isn't it?


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