Tuesday, 27 June 2006


As soon as I entered the cloud layer below the airship, I dissolved the invisibility hex from around the broom and started it. Positioned astride the long, broad shaft, I hurtled out of the bottom of the clouds, damp but exhilerated!

Describing a long upward curving arc, I soared up and around the blindingly white cummulo nimbus cloud, cresting the top, squinting against the reflected sunlight.

Nearing the airship, I noticed Knight leaning way over the railing, peering down through the clouds. A look of rarely seen worry on his handsome face. As I closed the distance, he looked up, directly at me, the worried expression instantly replaced by one of surprise. Then of anger.

"What the Hell do you think you were doing?" he yelled at me. "I was worried sick. Half of them" and he gestured at the small group of hovering beings nearby, "have gone down there with Dragon after you!"

"You were worried, were you?" I asked him pleasantly.

"Of course I bloody was!"

"So you do have emotions, then. Perhaps you'll be more aware of mine now that I've scared you into admitting them, you git!" With that, I waved and soared off, letting him stew.


  1. Ooh it's wonderful, I love it!

    And they need to be taught, by any means necessary. Think he's learned his lesson?

    Love T x x x

  2. I hope so. But probably not...

    Love, IDV xx

  3. Stick a pin in the dirgible. That'll learn him. For as long as the dirgible takes to plummet to earth anyways.

  4. Anonymous29/6/06 12:29

    Phew! I missed the bit about the setup that allowed you to get back on your broom. I thought you was a gonner.


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