Monday, 12 June 2006

So hot

I'm melting! Melting!

Ohhh... What a world...


  1. yipeeee im 1st

    melting here toooo

  2. Anonymous12/6/06 20:04

    I thought witches only melt when you chuck buckets of water over them; or is that a myth?

    No hold on, a myth is an unmarried female lisper isn't it?

  3. Eat some sugar. Or fruit. And water.

    That's my solution to hot weather.

  4. Send some heat our way. It's bloody freezing here at the moment.

    Brrrrr.....{shivers} Time to go and get a hot water bottle.

  5. Anonymous13/6/06 17:16

    Did someone chuck a bucket of water over you?

    This hot weather is just the practice I need.

  6. Midget: Yay! The heat's gone! Probably to D&T's...

    : I'll try chucking a bucket of water over a Myth and see what happens. It'll be like a science experiment!

    Dinah: Will pudding do?

    Get that silver cutlery out of your mouth Your Supreme Highness * smirk * - it's rude to talk with your mouth full! And you can stay away from me with that bucket too. Hold on. Is that gin in there?...

  7. A bucket of gin would certainly be a great way to cope with the heat.

  8. We could stick a wick in the top of your head and use you as a candle.

  9. send me some sunshine please!!

  10. *sitting smugly in winter sunshine*

  11. I have already Melted, I am now a puddle of sticky pink and slighly lumpy gue. Soon I will reach boiling point and evopourate, then you will all be breathing me in your lungs!


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