Monday, 26 June 2006

Fall from grace

Our massive airship floated amongst the cummulo nimbus clouds like a blue whale amidst a swarm of plankton. We drifted with the clouds, letting the slow wind carry us.

Those who were buoyant in atmosphere or could defy gravity were cavorting and gliding alongside the 'ship. The more adventurous had gone further afield swooping and soaring over the slowly changing cloud formations. The older ones keeping watchful eyes over the younger.

I stood by the ornate wooden rail like an overseer, noticing all and nothing at the same time.

Suddenly, the cloud nearest the 'ship parted and Dragon flew out. Her wings creating spiriling vortices of air with every beat. She beckoned to me to join them before diving into the cloud layer beneath the 'ship.

SIghing, I summoned my broom. I should join them. They were having fun. Why shouldn't I? Why couldn't I?

Hesitantly, I undid the shoulder strap of my uniform jacket then unfastened the front. The black and grey jacket fell to the pale wooden deck in a heap. My metal rank insignia clattering against the hard, polished planks.

Without even trying, I found myself unburdened with thoughts of responsibility and duty. Where had these thought strings gone? Why did I care?

A faint smile played over my lips as they unpursed. I caught Dragon watching me from a not too distant cloudbank, her head cocked slightly to one side. I met her gaze blankly for a moment before turning on my heel and walking away from the railing, entering the shadow under the looming dirigible's gas-filled hull.

Spinning quickly, I ran for the railing, catching a glimpse of Knight exiting the airlock onto the deck. I flashed him a quick smirk, noting the dawning realisation on his face as he saw what I was about to do. He started running towards me but was too far away to ever catch me in time. Turning my attention back to the sky beyond the railing, I saw Dragon hurtling towards me. Like Knight, she was too far away to intercept before...

I leapt over the ornately carved blondwood rail into the sky.

For those moments before gravity took it's inexorable hold on me, I was free. I was air and light. A wisp of nothing. Then I felt it. Felt gravity's hold. Smiling beatifically at Dragon's nearing, horrified visage, I began my long plummet earthwards...


  1. Anonymous26/6/06 19:19

    Yay first.

    I knew doing that superhero quiz would have an impressionable effect on you.

    *wanders out looking for the glue to hide*

  2. Yay, second.

    Doesn't quite have the same ring to it does it. Meh.


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