Friday, 9 June 2006

Fat free landing

I went to the beach on Tuesday, near to where the Host's parents live. I didn't take the broom because I can't very well go flying around in broad daylight now, can I?

Anyway, it was a lovely day. Sun shining, not too hot and a pleasant cool breeze. Once I'd got onto the prom, I noticed how low the sand levels were. Last time I was there, there was only a two foot drop from the prom to the beach. This time there was a six foot drop. And there were no steps down from where I wanted to go so the only options were to walk back a couple of hundred meters to the steps, or jump off. Being very lazy, I jumped.

As I launched myself from the prom, I engaged my flight hex to ensure a safe landing.

Well. I would have done if the hex had been there. It seems it had worn out. No more unbaptised boy fat left flowing through my veins to keep it charged up.


So, I landed. Faster than I'd planned to and much more heavily. Accursed gravity's cruel grasp had ensnared me once more. Bah! I think everyone of my bones jarred in some way or other. The Host sniggered but I let him feel the discomfort. Ha!

Not only that but I got sunburnt too! Oh the ignominy.



  1. So the Host is a clumsy sunburned idjit, is he? But apparently a well-toned fat-free Host. Can't win for losing, sigh.

  2. I must admit, now that all that cholesterol and lard has been used up, he doesn't look half bad. Still needs some work though, and some new skin!

  3. I would love to donate my unbaptised boy fat to you. Sadly, I'm neither a boy, nor unbaptised. However, if there's anything else for which you need a flab donor, just holler.

  4. What mutated wordsmithery be this then ?!

  5. Were there witnesses? If there weren't, then it's all good. With witnesses, well, you should have rolled at the end and pretended you were a ninja.

  6. Every time you said "prom" I pictured you busting in on some high school graduation. I think I figured it out, though. Ah, I love words.

  7. I'm glad I missed the last post. Looked far too intellectual for hot summer days.

    Much better to be doing foolishness on the beach.

  8. Yes, we too had to get over the "Prom". Father Dear is English so how could we be so stupid? Well, let's not get into that right now.

  9. you saw my thing about purple buttocks being in fashion right? good job. :-)


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