Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Freezer burns

Pretty, isn't it?

Of course, you wouldn't one of these things hibernating in your freezer, would you?

Imagine my surprise, then, when I opened the freezer to get some sausages out and nearly had my eyebrows singed off by my little friend here.

I know the freezer needed defrosting but not that badly. Plus, all the food that was in there is now little more than dusty black piles of ash. I was really looking forward to sausages, too!

Eventually, I managed to entice it from the freezer, out of the kitchen and into the fireplace - a much more suitable loitering place. Now, though, I don't know what to do with it. Admittedly, it's keeping the house warm so I'm not wasting money on the gas bill, but it can't stay indefinitely.

Nuffy, my new rabbit familiar, doesn't like it - he keeps growling at it and kicking buckets of water over it. Not that the water makes any difference - it evaporates long before it makes contact.

The Supernaturals are coming 'round tomorrow - maybe they'll have some suggestions...

P.S. You simply must go and visit Ickle Bro (No, not mine. Funny Thing's), he's got this fabulously disgusting poo game that's rather moreish!


  1. How lovely! But does it feel warm, given that it's blue? It must be very confusing psychologically.

  2. It feels bloody scorching!

    In fact, I'm going to change the name of the title to "Freezer burns"...

  3. Is it a real thing, or has someone put something fishy into your tea?

  4. He's been drinking Fuckkits tea. God knows whats in it, init?

    Sorry I put a comment in your previous post for this one. My brain cells are collapsing.

  5. Happens when you reach a certain age, Tickers. And theres nowt wrong with my tea, its the coffee you gotta watch out for.

  6. Ooh, fuckkit, nice new virtual you!

  7. Why thank you, Qenny.


  8. Can I have it?

    My landlord switches my heating off from April to October - and I'm bloody freezing.


  9. It's a rare thing indeed you have there. Quite uncommon, but then you'll know that. The rabbit'd best watch his furry behind, else he'll lose it. Those rare things have the temper of a ... wolverine. Vicious.

  10. I've only just noticed, Shifty's turned ugly, whilst Fuckkit's now a swan.

  11. never a dull moment around your place Idv! :-)

  12. Actually, a dull moment would be heavenly!

  13. What strange transformations my fellow SUPER BLOGGERS have taken. I hope this is not the product of tangling with the forces of evil on a daily basis like all SUPER BLOGGERS do.

    This aside,

    Inexplicable One...

    Your Poem awaits you...

    Kind Regards

  14. Hunky Tick, what are you on about?

  15. He means I'm dead gorgeous.

    *flicks hair*

    And you're a dragon wrapped round a J.


  16. hahaha i hate it when blue orbs inhabit my freezer...

  17. Shifty- Your Avitar. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be, but it looks like a Welsh dragon, but in green with it's head up it's bum.

    Brianne- I don't know about the freezer but I do have something that looks like that hanging inside my toilet bowl.

  18. What a strange conversation.

    Dear Inexplicable one,

    Your poem has flushed out nasty bloggers and they lay siege to it. Mount your charger and ride to the rescue. The Super Blogger Club is in peril...

  19. It looks pritty harmless! I bet if you just roar at it it'll run away!

    ps, thanks for the link!