Sunday, August 01, 2010

Star Selection 3

What? I didn't say I was going to do a proper post immediately, just that it'd be soon. Not as soon as this, though.


  1. Splice is about two young scientists splicing their DNA together? OH YEAH?!

    Hubba hubba!

    I initially thought that photo showed you as a decapitated head, then I realised it was one of the ones where you were submerging Moom to have your wicked way with her.

    WV is Troma - they used to make awful horror movies! Oh, the irony.

  2. My copy of Night Work is in the mail

  3. *right clicks and saves and reduces photo and calls it "a little head"*

  4. I'm intrigued by Splice. That will go on my list of 'movies to see'. I also need to go and buy the Scissor Sisters cd. Great list.

  5. Tim: Har. Har.

    Were you "Hubba hubba"-ing at me? you were, weren't you?!

    xl: I knew my hot tub was missing something: James Brown!

    'Petra: It can't come quickly enough, can it?

    MJ: Hey! this isn't Beetlejuice, you know!

    Snooze: I'd recommend the 'Sisters over Splice if you have priorities.

  6. I love that song! That and Return to Oz.

    To answer the question, well I do have Aphrodite to keep me company at the moment. Love that.

  7. Where do you find the time to sit down for these interviews? What with all the baking, the reading, and keeping track of your shadow?

    I still can't get over how Splice keeps reminding me of Species. Scissor Sisters are awesome! Though, I admit that every time I say scissors now, I giggle and think of that South Park D-Ykes! episode with Mr Garrison and Les Beaux!

    Scissor me timbers!


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