Sunday, August 08, 2010


Remember that manticore I found the other day? Well, today I happened upon something of a similar ilk. Somethings, in fact:

Leaving SP asleep in bed, I grabbed my glasses and water glass and went downstairs, blearily eyed, for some orange juice and a coffee to wake me up properly. In the kitchen, I tipped the remaining water from my glass away while reaching for the kettle, and heard a damp thud as something solid landed in the sink. Setting the glass down, I peered at the squirming fuzzy pink blob that floundered at the bottom of the sink. As I put my glasses on, the fuzzy blob came into focus making me draw in a sharp breath.

Oh, no! I thought. Not again. A Water-Baby infestation!

Glancing around the kitchen just confirmed it. They were everywhere! In the sink, the kettle, there were even two in Moom's water bowl! Good job I noticed before Moom came down wanting her breakfast otherwise she'd be in for a surprise. Although, her surprise wouldn't last for long as her hungry belly would override it and dig in.
Even the lounge wasn't spared. There was one 'baby in a vase of flowers and another swimming around in the lemon squash SP had left next to the sofa last night.

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At least they're not fairies
, I told myself. Nothing is quite as pernicious as an infestation of fairies. Plus, Water-Babies are easier to get rid of as long as one catches them all. Grabbing a bucket, I set to tipping them out of their vessels, scouring the house to ensure I caught every last one of the little monsters. I was most surprised to find a couple in the dishwasher, lurking in the drainage chute alongside a chunk of celery and a few bits of onion. Gritting my teeth, I picked up the detestable little creatures by their toes, trying to block out their high-pitched squeals, and plopped them into the bucket along with the others.
Satisfied that I'd got the lot, I took the bucket upstairs and tipped the whole lot into the loo, quickly slamming the lid down and flushing the chain.

Now all I have to do is find and pick up *shudder* all the tiny moist nappies that they'd left everywhere!


  1. I've not had a Water-Baby infestation ... yet. Do you suppose two cats could deal with them?

  2. Oh, easily, xl. Well, as long as they have empty stomachs to begin with.

  3. Couldn't you have made them into a smoothie or something?

  4. Drat! A missed opportunity. I could've made extra moisturising baby lotion.

  5. Ew. I hate babies. SP was lucky, sleeping from it all

  6. Ha! Completely unrelated topic, but I just found IDV kitteh:

  7. How nice of you to help those water babies get to the ocean much faster! Thank goodness they weren't water teenagers, running up your phone bill and being moody and eating you out of house and home.

  8. I hate it when this happens. It's strange that Eastenders has never featured this in any of its storylines considering the devestation it can cause if not cleared up quickly.

  9. 'Petra: Yes, he was. I hope he was really sleeping and not just pretending so he didn't have to deal with them!

    Tim: I sure I don't know what you mean, so I'll bid you good day, Sir.

    Eros: Urrrgh. * shudders * Water-Teenagers! What a horrible thought.

    Miss Scarlet: I know. And I don't think it's been on Corrie or Emmerdale, either. Although, I believe those Water-Teenagers that Eros mentioned have featured on Hollyoaks.

  10. Never been on Corrie, you say?

    Didn't Norris find one in his tea?


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