Monday, 30 August 2010

'Apparently Daddy's being a bit of a cunt'*

Oh dear. What with one thing and another (namely getting rid of errant mythological infestations), I've only had the chance to read one book this month. Still, one is better than none, I suppose? And just like the last book, I read the majority of this one between calls at "work".

25. Getting rid of Matthew, by Jane Fallon.

Yes, it's chick-lit. But it's actually pretty good. Here's what some other people said about it.
I've had this book hanging around for ages, always putting it aside for another (usually Star Trek or Calvin & Hobbes-based) until I discovered the other day that I don't have any other books to read that I hadn't read before. In fact, this was one of the books that was in the loft that I couldn't be bothered to go up and get back in March.

Oh my gods! I've just wiki'd 'Jane fallon' for the link above and discovered that she's going out with that irksome clod Ricky sodding Gervais! Although, on the plus side, she has been involved with some of my favourite TV shows: Teachers, 20 things to do before you're 30 and This Life. Perhaps that would explain why I liked this book?

* said Claudia, who'd been practising and had a feeling she might be allowed to get away with it at that moment. 'Isn't he, Mum?'
Sophie laughed despite herself.
'Yes, sweetheart, he is a bit. And don't say that word.'

From page 62.


  1. May I suggest finding another "Daddy"?.... Dhaarling

    Chick lit! Gurl power and all that!

    Reading between calls is a better use of your time than having to handle calls I suppose. Putting your down time to good use....keep it up... at this rate you're looking real good good for promotion....Just tink of all the reading you will get done then!

  2. What a perfect blog post title and I think I will have to go hunt down the book.

  3. I want to read it too. Is it a bit like Clicking her heels?

    Oh, and do you mind sending me the book. Thanks.

  4. I haven't read a book or a newspaper in over 10 years.

    I think it's time to change that.

  5. Oh and I like it when you say 'cunt'.

    Even if you are one too.

  6. You read a GIRL'S BOOK?

  7. What other kind of book would you expect him to read, Tim?

  8. I imagine his perfect book would be a Star Trek novel written by Candice Bushell.

  9. Now if THAT involved lots of designer shoes, I'd get that book Tim

  10. Perhaps it's that time of the month for Daddy.

    It's always great when a book turns out to be a great, fun surprise.


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