Monday, 9 August 2010


Is this really the first shock pic of post-30-days-of-yoga Tim? We knew he was becoming even more buff, but to this extent?

Tim's been surprisingly reticent to release photos of his new, yoga-enhanced physique, but with a modicum of judicious stalking, I have been able to capture this startling image. And, no, I don't quite know what's going on with all the stockings behind him. He must be practising for Christmas, or something? Anyway, you can read all about his 30 day challenge starting here. Beware though, there's farting, sweat-flicking and Tim's groin in Batman's face. Oh, and his arse in Captain Kirk's!

Today's the last day of his challenge, so maybe he'll treat us all to an official topless (and bottomless - although that may be pushing it) photo?

* crosses fingers *

Coming soon: You too can have a body like this - I'll show you how to stalk and kidnap your own buff yoga god!


  1. Dear God, you stuck my face on Raoul Moat's body!?

  2. Who the hell is Raoul Moat?

    * starts googling *

  3. Ok, I must google him too now.

  4. That's very disturbing.

    It could also be The Situation's body? I'm not too in the know, about Snookis sex partners, but it could be. Right?

  5. BTW, you didn't know who Raoul Moat was? My god, you really have been where no man has gone before!

  6. Will you both stop throwing names around of people I don't know! Who the hells is The Situation?! And Snooki?!? Good gods!

  7. Snooki is like an umpalumpa with huge tits and a bad attitude.

    You'd probably like The Situation. He flashes his abs all the time.

    *IDV fires up the Google*


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