Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Cake? Duck!

Christ Almighty! I only wanted a fondant fancy.

There was a manticore in the cake tin. A small one, mind, but still...

I opened the lid and a whirling ball of teeth, claws and posionous spines shot out straight for my face. Luckily, my reflexes hadn't taken the day off so I managed to duck and avoid the little monster whose face looked strangely familiar.

Gods only know where it is now, though. It shot across the kitchen, ricocheted off the oven door and disappeared behind the fridge. I would pull the fridge out to take a look but I'm rather concerned at what else may be lurking down there. Especially as it's been a while since SP has cleaned behind it.

Maybe it'll eat all the crumbs and teabags that I'm positive hibernate down there?


  1. You poor thing Mr De Vice, what an awful experience.
    It might have been more pleasurable if something like This had jumped from your cake tin....

    And what was that about tea bagging?

  2. Still, safer than MJ's cake!

  3. Did someone mention CAKE?

  4. Good reflexes. You have to be care with stuff shot on the face--some of it can be very irritating to the eyes.

    Perhaps that manitcore was someone's personal botox alternative.

    I cleaned up behind the fridge last month--I found plastic tiny apples used for holiday decorations and a small statue of a Virgin Mary--Jesus's mom, not the cocktail drink. I think I'd've had more fun with the drink.

  5. Set Moom onto it!

    WV: pooffezi

  6. Princess: I wouldn't mind as long as it wasn't wearing the Mantyhose.

    As for teabagging, perhpas I'd better have words with SP?

    xl: Much safer. There's no way I'd keep one of those in an airtight tin - Just think of the fermenting it could get up to!

    MJ: No. No they did not. It was a typo, or you misheard.

    Eros: I often wondered what the point of manticores was, and now I know thank to you: alternative botox injectors!

    Tim: I fear that Moom would just ignore it, just like she ignores every other creature except for her two dads.

    You're an easy poof?

    Yay! Yay!! And thrice Yay!!!

  7. I thought it was a fez made of poo.

  8. Thanks for the warning! It nearly got me! :)

  9. Did someone mention Botox?

  10. Tim: No. You're an easy poof, and that's that!

    Ah, Ms Cake. How nice of you to drop by. Don't hang around the fridge for too long, mind.

    'Petra: That sounds suspiciously like when MJ mentions cake. You wouldn't know anything about some weird botox/farting fetish, would you?

  11. You know, every time I get to the bakery they're all out of manticore...


  12. Pearl: A Cockatrice is a good substitute if the bakery has any of them left.

    Tim: Yes. Yes, I do.

  13. Oh heavens no!

    I just like Botox. A.Lot.


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