Saturday, 4 September 2010

Birthday cake

Because I haven't got anything finished at the moment, may I present to you the cake I made for The Mother's birthday last week:

Unfortunately, SP liked it so much that he's practically forcing me to make another one just for him. I'm not going to though. Although, I have relented and made a smaller one that he doesn't know about which I've yet to decorate.


  1. We can all safely say "cake" whilst MJ is out!

    Cake! Cake! Cake!

    That felt pretty good.

    May I have some of that cake? Please.

  2. It looks gorgeous and yummy!

    Make me one too, it's my birthday on the 29th. Can't wait.

  3. there goes my diet, sugar! *sigh* what a gorgeous cake. xoxoxox

  4. Secret cake? That's just rude.

  5. Anonymous5/9/10 00:49

    Very elegant!

  6. If I was a mother i'd be very pleased to recive such a highly decorated and wonderful looking CAKE from my son...And not a fart to be heared in the process...

  7. That cake is beautiful! I'll be Mother will be tickled pink! And SP too, when he discovers you've made one for him. Do take a picture of that one too, after you've got it all decorated.

  8. You are an exemplary son. Also, your parents should now realize that your fine hands were not meant to be installing sheds.

  9. ...or perhaps now, they'll expect a more colorful, professionally designed shed installed the next time IDV takes a trip home!

    Fantastic creation! Looks amazing!


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