Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Perils Of Petra Pitstop

Now. Where did I put that Peril? I'm sure it was here yesterday?

Whatever are you looking for Peril for? Why do you need it?

Remember this?

Oh, gods...

Just apologise, for hells sakes!


Well, you can't find that Peril, so what choice do you have?

You've hidden it, haven't you?!

* guilty silence *

I knew it!

'Petra, I'd just like to point out, that the post in question was not at all slanderous (with the possible exception of the 'gay period' bit). It was the Comments that may have had a slanderous edge, and I can't be held responsible for what other people may write. But, just in case there is some legal precedent, I apologise on behalf of the said commenters for whatever psychological trauma you may have incurred.

Now, let's all have a nice cup of tea Gin & Tonic and forget this whole sordid affair.

Pass the Fondant Fancies, would you? There's a dear.


  1. I loved this cartoon as a kid.

    Hayelp! Hayelp! It's the "Hooded Claw!" Poor Penelope for ever in peril.

    Wasn't there another series with "Dick Dastardly and Mutley" as the evil villans? Tho I think mutley was secretly on the good guys side, and always foiling his master in his attempts at wicked deeds and skullduggery...

    I cant remamber the name of the show.

    I'll have that glass of Mothers Ruin now thankyou Dhaarling...
    Oh and go easy on the tonic...

    I had avery hard day last night....

  2. 'gay period'...teehee.

  3. How fortunate for Penelope to have 7 men always ready rescue and service her in her time of need.

  4. Oh, Pete. Don't be such a baby!

    Oh Hai Princess, MJ, Eros!

  5. Pass the Moet please. Thanks darling!

    Whatever are you all on about anyway?

    By the way, Penelope Pitstop? Sounds like a pornstar name to me. Not sure she really wanted 'saving' but could do with a bit of shaving?

  6. Never apologise, you fool!

    It makes you appear weak. Well, weaker than you already are, you weakling.

  7. Oh for heavens sake
    Did I miss a Petra flounce


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