Thursday, 27 May 2010

Out of ashes...

Now that I'm no longer saddled with Apocalypse Oven, look what I've been able to accomplish:

Cream Tea Butterfly Cakes and Marzipan & Cerise Cakes

Here they are again in their natural habitat in Castle DeVice, just before being devoured by four gaping maws


  1. What a beautiful display!

    Except for the rolls of white and black bog roll at the end of the table.

  2. Was this a ritual sacrifice as everything is so symetrical?

    Oh Hai MJ!

  3. Oh Hai, XL!

    For the sake of discretion, he’s removed the nekkid slave boys who usually act as human serving platters.

  4. four gaping maws

    That’s not ALL that’s gaping at Castle DeVice.

  5. Where are your twee little cups and saucers?

  6. MJ Those rolls of white and black bog roll are candles, actually.

    Hai, xl: Oh, yes. Quite a lot of sacrifice goes on at Castle DeVice. And it's mostly to those demons of tongue & tummy!

    MJ again: Those gaping, nekkid slave boys were searching through the various lofts and attics for my twee little cups and saucers.

    Hmmm... I haven't seen them since yesterday when I made these cakes. I wonder what they can be up to?

    And where's SP?!?

  7. What a delightful afternoon tea..
    black and white seems to be a theme at Castle D...
    Very nice touch with the daffys.. Just a little splash of colour and sunshine..

    Oh Hi Xl, MJ...

  8. Wow, those look beautifully delicious! Send me one, please and thank you. ;)

  9. It looks positively fabulous dear. When will I get an invite?

    And now for the cheek. The cakes with the almond flakes, are they wonky on purpose or did they just come out that way?

  10. Fairy Cakes !
    How you :-)
    We would want something with more substance to grace the Beasts table

  11. Oh, no invite for the Coven?


  12. They look divine and delicious! I'm not surprised you had people devouring your tasty treats once you put them on display and offered them. The table setting looks fantastic.

    P.S. I've successfully the teflon mat for making roasted chicken. It worked out great. And I'm using it again to make sweet cornbread for Memorial Day. Thanks!

  13. Princess: The daffs are pretty, aren't they? And they're microscopic, almost. Each flower is only about 1cm across!

    Tara: Ah. Well, you see, there aren't any left now. I can send you a ghost cake, instead?

    'Petra: Cheek, indeed!

    Actually, those almond topped ones are resting on the bevelled edge of the plate, hence the wonkiness.

    BEAST: Something like chick pea curry cake, perhaps?

    Tim: Oh, didn't you get your invitation? I wondered why you didn't turn up.
    We'll hold the high tea at yours next time. This Sunday ok?

    Eros: I'm so glad the Teflon mat is making itself useful.

    Everyone: Thank you for the cake compliments, one and all!


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