Tuesday 11 May 2010

Cusp Trek II deleted scenes


Oh, no. Not again
, Evil Tim thought as the witch fainted into his arms. Another casualty of my awesome yoga-honed bod and stunningly handsome face.

He looked around to take in his surroundings. The platform he appeared on was at the rear of a large, futuristic-looking room, filled with various unmanned stations and other technological trickery. Spying some clothes draped over the back of a chair, Evil Tim carefully propped the stunned witch up in it and removed his red athletic leggings before pulling on the black and gold uniform. Not bad, he thought as he admired the way the skin-tight uniform stretched over his muscles.
As he stylishly mussed up his hair in the mirror-like shielding surrounding the platform, he noticed a large empty cardboard box laying on it's side in the reflection. He turned and approached the box, noticing that it had the word DuPLicatoR scrawled on it.
He grinned evilly, as was his wont and wondered What have we here? before climbing inside the box.


"Scientific progress goes "boink"?" he said to himself as he crawled out. Ah, well...


Two figures, identical to Evil Tim, crawled out of the box after him. Wow! The fun we could have.
"Welcome" he greeted them, fingers splayed in the traditional Vulcan salute. "I'm Captain James Timothy Kirk."
"Us, too" grinned the duplicates, copying his hand gesture.
"Hmmm... We can't all be the captain" Evil Tim began, "so, as I'm the original, you can be my understudies." He regarded himselves through slightly narrowed eyes. "And to save confusion, you'd better take off your uniforms."
The two Tims glanced at each other, shrugged, then flexed their muscles, bursting out of their straining uniforms. Rawr! Tim thought. I really am HOT in my Easy-Peel underwear! He did a double take at the colour of the duplicate on the right. Must've stayed in the Duplicator too long.

It was at this point that a certain witch stirred from his swoon, saw the practically naked Tims and overloaded with lust once more.


  1. Who wouldn't overload with lust from watching that.


  2. Not only colour, but also the fact that his head is too small!

    It's like the end scene of Beetlejuice!

  3. Have you copyrighted that Easy-Peel underwear yet?

  4. MwhaHAHAHAHAHA...
    What a deliciously fiendish trap...
    Tripple the pleasure...

    One may require a little tweaking of the tanning control on the machine that goes "Boink"

    I must say that it was very good thinking on Evil Tim's behalf to have his duplicates disrobe...

    Just think... you can now build an army of Tim replicants... you clever, lust-filled Witch you...

    And it would seem that this can be achieved without much ado, fuss or encouragement... just pop one of the Tim's back near the duplicator...

    Oh Hai Pete, Tim, MJ..

  5. Well, you're certainly taking Capt Tim Kirk on an adventure, definitely living up to the Star Trek theme: To boldly go where no man has gone before!

  6. Is Tim that Tangerine colour as some sort of subliminal gimick to advertise your easy peel pants , as tangerines are easy to peel are they not ???

  7. Wow, all those bikram yoga classes have been good to Tim! :D

  8. 'Petra: Exactl-

    * faints *

    Tim: Details, details...

    MJ: I'm waiting to hear back from the Patent office, as we speak.

    Princess: My army of replicants will soon sweep across the globe, instilling lust and deviance in all they-

    Hey! Wait a minute. The lust is for me only. Those clones are staying put!

    Eros: And once he's boldy gone, there'll be no stopping him (or me)!

    BEAST: They are indeed. You may have stumbled upon my scheme.

    Tara: Haven't they just!


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