Sunday, 9 May 2010

Guilty pleasure

Getting a bit overdosed listening to Goldfrapp and Calvin Harris whilst driving to work, I turned to the slightly cheesy, Steps spin-offs, H & Claire. As well as DJ, I keep listening to the beautiful ABBA-esque Another You, Another Me, written by Benny & Bjorn originally for Gemini, as you can see here:

I'm going to have to have something new next week, though, as H is really starting to annoy me (just as he did when he was in Steps). May be I'll pop Royksopp in?


  1. I think I have to get the Goldfrapp album. Like soon. It may keep me occupied until Kylies new one comes out.

    I would dust off the old Haddaway or MC Zar and the Real McCoy album if I were you.

  2. I suspect you know I really don't need to watch either of those videos in order to regale you with the insightful comment:


  3. What kind of something new next week?

    Is it a story about Mistress MJ?

    Nude pics of Tim?

  4. Ah, yes, nothing like good music to make the drive to work pleasant. Good luck finding new tunes to make for the drive to work.

    Perhaps some Lady Gaga or a mix tape of dance tunes could make the drive more enjoyable. CP, I used to have a Real McCoy tape, but it's somewhere around the Mediterranean now.

    That second video--the Another You, Another Me--the power mullet, the flannel's like being in logging country in the American Northwest...or the inside of a lesbian bar.


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