Monday 10 May 2010

The possible thwarting of "long-held, slightly rapey desires*"

Why do I leave things to the last minute? WHY?!

My godsdamned printer (and associated software) is playing silly buggers and thwarting the printing of my OFFICIAL SPARKY TIM CUT OUT 'N KEEP ACTIONLESS FIGURE!
If Tim hadn't given such a ridiculously long deadline on his competition, I wouldn't have left this until now to sort out. Bah! My dreams of a willing army of Mini-Tim cardboard clones in various states of attire may come to naught. NAUGHT!

It may not be too late for you, though, as you have until May 15th to enter the competition. Just click here to find yourselves at Tim's competition post and create an
OFFICIAL SPARKY TIM CUT OUT 'N KEEP ACTIONLESS FIGURE of your own. And yes, it has to be said in shouty capitals. And no, I didn't make it up.

And don't steal my idea of Easy-Peel pants (that I stupidly gave away in his comments) - It's mine! MINE I TELL YOU!! See:

* Quote taken from Tim. I'm sure I don't know what he means by it?


  1. How did you get a photo of me in my fetching yellow pants against my garden of MASSIVE BAMBOO?!

  2. Ah, that would be telling. I don't want to give away all my stalking secrets.

  3. Dear Mr DeVice,
    I'm parcelling up a cold silver spoon to assist in thwarting your 'long held slightltly rapey desires'.

    Tho I must say Tim's strenuous activities seem to be turning him into a muscle god!

  4. I'm having trouble with my printer, too, so I'm unable to participate in Tim's competition, dang it.

    But so far, I've been impressed with your efforts, along with those of Princess's and CP's. Fantastic job, y'all!

  5. That man in the yellow pants with the Tim mask looks absolutely amazing.

    Where did you find my future playtoy?

  6. I'm convinced you're planning to sleep with cut-out-n-keep Tim.

  7. Princess: I hope it's solid silver. Silver plate just won't cut it anymore.

    Tim is remarkably buff, isn't he?!

    Speaking of buff...

    Hello Eros!

    'Petra: He's Australian footballer/model Kayne Lawton, and I found him here.

    MJ: We shall see what we shall see.

    Although, OFFICIAL SPARKY TIM CUT OUT 'N KEEP ACTIONLESS FIGURE is a little on the small side for anything too strenuous. We don't want him getting squashed, now do we?


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