Saturday, 15 May 2010

Evil Tim and the Jelly Babies of Doom!

The Duplicate Evil Tims stoically defend their Original from the massing hoards of zombie Jelly Babies on the Granite Planet, which, in certain lights, can look a lot like a kitchen worktop...

Despite being devoured from the feet up, the Tims remain steadfast, gritting their teeth and looking hot as the Jelly Babies slowly eat their tasty cardboard flesh.

Will Original Evil Tim escape?!?

Tune in next time!


  1. Those jelly baby zombies are nibbling awfully close to the duplicate semi clad tim's naughty bits...
    I hope that they don't bite off more than they can chew...

    How galant of them to be defending their evil original...

  2. Are those apples sneaking up on him from behind?

    Will he defend hisselves and make applesauce of them?

  3. I hate jelly babies! DESTROY! DESTROY! DESTROY!


  4. It's the Wrath of the Screaming Jelly Babies!

  5. Yikes! Those jelly babies look vile - and somewhat scary.

    Where are the good jelly bears from the good planet Haribo when you need them?

  6. Princess: They are greedy little buggers, but hopefully they won't be able to work out how those Easy-Peel pants work!

    MJ: They could be. They're almost as bad as the zombie Jelly Babies.

    Tim: You'd better get your weapon out in case the beam out isn't as soon as you'd like...

    Eros: Hopefully, they'll be buried alive. Buried alive...

    'Petra: Planet Haribo was destroyed when it was discovered to be mostly made of plastic.

  7. Oh no!

    Whatever happened to the jelly bears?

  8. The original Tim looks slightly concerned - there's one jelly baby who has slipped past his bodyguards. I would tell them to run after it, but....well they're a little disabled.

  9. I can see you jelly baby begrimed finger marks all over Tims athletic support......pervert !

  10. 'Petra: I think they're hibernating in someone's colon?

    Tara: I think Original Evil Tim has incapacitated that Jelly Baby by eating it's toes!

    BEAST: Stop zooming in! You're ruining everything!!


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