Monday 24 November 2008

* screeeeeam *


  1. That's just distasteful.

    Yes, I am terribly jealous and am watching disgusting shows with dead people and corpses. I feel that it suits my not so smug unmarriedness condition.

  2. I love you.

    I freaking love you.

    I've always wanted to direct - and honestly, I can't believe how Petra made our budget stretch with all those Kylie costume knock offs.

    What's an SP?

  3. Oh I get a lot of the stuff from Kylie herself. Most of it is never worn designer stuff.

    SP means special person?

    Wv. Mucks

  4. I've been sidelined? I'VE BEEN SIDELINED?!

    I've been sidelined! YAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's like all my Christmases have come at once (not literally, mind).

    WV: endshiz. Is that gangsta speak?

  5. A romantic horror film? How wonderful! Congratulations!

    *Considers throwing boxes of rice, but decides to blow bubbles instead*

    WV: keeper

    The blog gods have spoken!

  6. We need to know if the object of your affection has a blog so that we can read what he's writing about YOU!

  7. You can be sure all the men will be wearing very little. Except maybe you because we've seen your legs and if we need things that glow in the dark we'll plop some cocktail sticks in a few G&Ts.

    Wv nonbusts

  8. CyberPetra: Funnily enough, I'm picturing a lot of people I work with as corpses today. Bloody irratiting humans.

    T-Bird: I freaking love you too.

    Ah. SP. Perhaps I should open this to the floor and let you all have a guess at what it stands for?

    'Petra: It's not Special Person.

    Mucks? Man-Muck?

    Tim: Don't get too comfortable. I would never sideline you - You won't escape that easily.

    Ends hiz what?

    Eros: Just where are you blowing those bubbles from?

    MJ: He doesn't have a blog. But if he did, you can be sure that'd there'd be nothing but good things written.

    Oh no! BEAST has succumbed to their gaze. Feelings of nausea are the first symptoms when in proximity to a Smug Married.

    'Petra: Excellent! I'll have a word with the director to see if we can squeeze in Tim somewhere - If there's anyone who shouldn't be wearing very much, it's him.

    Pass me one of those G&Ts, would you?

    re WV: Thank goodness.

  9. Fabulous, I think I have some clear scotch tape and couple of tit tassels somewhere

    *rummages around*

    He we go! Where is the man of the hour?

    Apparently there is an open bar on this movie. It's over there.

  10. SP hmmmm Supturating Piles ???

    Do I get a prize????

  11. Egads - I was thinking along the same lines as Beast: Syphilitic Penis?

    OR more happily -

    Sex Partner?

    Secret Pervert?

    Do tell! And congrats again!!!!

  12. Green with envy at smug marriedness.

    *signs back up to tinternet dating site*

  13. Silver Penis

    He's a super hero!

  14. WPD: like " quick! to the batcave"


  15. Sining Pastor?

    Spanish Priest?

    Swim Partner?

    Sperm Pusher?

  16. Sexy Papa?

    Sex provider?

    Sexual predator?

    Scottish Prince?

    Sock Puppet?

  17. Ooh, I like spanish priest!


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