Thursday, 27 November 2008

Items of Interest: Oh, bugger off, The Police

Ah, here we are again with the third in my Items of Interest series.

As you have probably guessed by now, I have shit all else to post about, or I have, but have no time to do it.

Anyway, best get on with it as I have things to do.

By the way, I haven't ignored all those who left suggestions at what SP stands for (see the last post). Keep guessing, and whomsoever guesses correctly - or the closest - may win a prize (yet to be determined).

Bye! I'll be back at the weekend, I hope.


  1. Oh, it's a good one! I'm guessing it's the inside of a decorative ornament!

    Enjoy the ride!

  2. It's your colon.

    Spunk Painter?

    Spurt Protection?

    Sian Phillips?

  3. It's those red lights in the shape of what appeArs to be cubes.

    Silly Person?
    Spunk Pirate?
    Someone Pleasant?
    Sugar Papi?
    Steven Percy?
    Stinky Pong?

  4. I have no idea what this is. Christmas ornament? And I left the guesses on your last post, although I'll repeat them: I'm going with Scottish Prince or Sock Puppet.

  5. The brain of a lava lamp?

  6. It reminds me of those punch bowls and glasses.

    Sausage Penis?

    Sexy Poo?

    Spunky Person?

    Hahahaha! My VW is 'pness'

    Internets - it's like you see my soul!

  7. A vase?

    Sex Pervert

    Some Person

    Swanky Punk

    Spunky Punk

  8. Your epidermis as a result of wearing too much orange.

  9. Sweet Potato?

    Southern Pleasure?

    Saxophone Player?

    Sarcean Prince?

    Sweetie Pie?

    Siamese Pianist?

    Secret Playmate?

    Scandinavian Plumber?

    Sean Patrick?

    Saxon Policeman?

  10. Sweet Pussy. You've secretly converted.

  11. The photo: A string of Christmas lights shaped like little cups or bells all bunched up and plugged in.


    Stupid People

    Seeping Penis?

    Slimey Pussy?

    Skanky People?

    Give us a clue, man!

  12. Sassy Poof?

    I am liking Sexual Potato, though.

  13. WAIT! Is it Sexual Harassment Panda from South Park!?

  14. Anonymous4/12/08 04:50

    SP = stale pointer ?

    (in reference to the outdated address in the sidebar for the transformers wiki, they moved to according to )


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