Wednesday, 12 November 2008

6ix more weird thing6

Darling 'Petra tagged me with thi6 meme here. I've done thi6 one before age6 ago here and here, but thi6 i6 a good opportunity to impart another 6ix weird fact6 about me/u6.

1. I'm hopele66 at 6ucking 6weet6. Really appalling. I can pop a Fox'6 Glacier Mint in my mouth and 20 minute6 later, it'6 6till there, barely di66olved, hiding under my tongue.

2. 6ometime6 when I'm walking through the office, I imagine I'm a 6hark 6wimming menacingly through the air to 6care my u6ele66 colleague6.

3. Occa6ionally, while on the verge of wakefulne66 in the morning, I unintentionally make the 6cary creaking noi6e that the gho6t boy from Ju On/The Grudge make6.

4. I dete6t 6limy food, but I will eat avocado, the 6limie6t of all unproce66ed food except for egg white (which I ab6olutely loathe).

5. Gold ring6*

6. I can't write - or type - the 19th letter of the alphabet today. I'm not entirely 6ure why?

There. That'6 that done. If anyone who ha6n't done it but want6 to, plea6e do.

* at lea6t 24 carat.


  1. That little Japanese boy in the horror film was creepy--creepier than the Damien kid from Omen! Made me a little uneasy around Asian kids for a while...I kept expecting them to make that cat sound, too! I remember thinking, if some Asian kid made those creepy noises around me, I'd punch his supernatural lights out!

    I remember sky sharks at one place of employment, except we called them supervisors.

    Wow, so you can keep things in your mouth for 20 minutes or so...quite a skill!

    Another creative post!

  2. You must creep out all your potential boyfriends with that sound in bed.

    No wonder they never return.

  3. My dog makes really creepy sounds when she's asleep and dreaming. Kinda like growling, only she inhales instead exhaling and it's higher pitched in sound.... very strange.

    If you make those kinds of sounds, perhaps you are possessed by some evil little spirit that is trying to escape??? Must be a spell you can use to rid yourself of it - then perhaps you would keep one of those boyfriends who run screaming away.....

  4. Hm..I keep seeing the number six in your answers. Must be my imagination or I'm working too hard or both.

    Sometimes mini carrots get slimy, and I hate that. I usually love carrots.

    When you pretend to be a shark, do you hum the song to it, too?

  5. I hate slimy food. I like my food burnt to a crisp.

  6. I hate uncooked egg whites too, and don't even like soft meringue.

    I love your visions of being a shark. That's all I'm going to be thinking of tomorrow at work.

  7. That sound is UBER creepy. At least it's better than drooling, though.

    Slimy foods are a favourite of mine. I love steamed dumplings. Mmmm. Avocado.

  8. raw egg white , or oy6ter6 ....yuk.
    Avacado is food of the god6 , e6pecially in a baguette with brie and bacon (and 6ome 6alad cream)
    Or ma6hed on hot buttered toa6t with lot6 of 6alt and pepper
    Thi6 "s" thing 6eam6 to be catching

  9. I'm a little bit afraid of you now.

  10. RE: #5. Gold ring6*

    4. Calling birds
    3. French hens
    2. Turtle doves
    and a Partridge in the pear tree...

  11. Eros: Kids are creepy full stop, never mind when they make scary noises.

    CyberPetra: Or spit.

    MJ: I haven't made the sound with this boyfriend yet. I'll be sure to let you know the moment he leaps out of bed and runs screaming from the house.

    Ponygirl: When I find the spell, I let you have it to see if it works on your dog, too.

    Tara: I think you must be working too hard. Relax...

    And no, I don't hum the Jaws theme. Although I might do now!

    Tim: It sounds like you're wangling for an invite to Castle DeVice whereupon I'll cook you a meal in Apocalypse Oven? You're more than welcome anytime. Tonight good with you?

    Snooze: So, how was work then? Did you imagine yourself one as well? Any stray colleagues get devoured after you loomed up from beneath?

    T-Bird: You're right about the drooling. At least the sound isn't messy.

    BEA666T: Mmmmm... That avocado baguette sounds delicious. Except for the addition of salad cream.

    WillowC: Only a little? I musty try harder.

    Eros: I prefer the Lords a-leaping myself...

  12. Ooh! I just noticed that you've changed some of the flying monkeys into the points of an inverted pentagram!

    Very nice touch!

    Soz if I am a little late in noticing said changes...

  13. So what exactly is it that you do?

    Curious, very curious.

  14. No … not really wangling for an invite. But, um, thanks!

  15. *raises glass* to you m'dear IDV

    Don't know why right now but I'm sure something will come to me in the morning

    Ducking WV

  16. I love slimey food. It makes gay bukaki parties that much easier. However, It's getting harder on my aging knees.

  17. Right - now you are either off being a smug married or you've been finally bested by Beaky.

  18. Glad someone elsecan see the sixes. Thought the aliens were sending me messages. (And on that theme, why can't they just send email like normal people?)

    Slimy food is evil. Except avocadoes of course.

  19. Well, it's not gold rings but I've awarded you the Lemonade Award, for taking life's lemons and turning them into margaritas!

    Enjoy predatory circling around the lazy bums in the workplace sea!

    WV: Pureas

    as what? the driven snow? What exactly does snow drive, and who would give snow a license?

  20. T-Bird: You're all right - I changed them at the beginning of November.

    'Petra: I would like to say that I do very little, but that would be rather hopeful.
    I, or rather, The Host, works for a government department dealing with the less desirable members of society.

    Tim: It'd be no trouble. Really.

    'Petra: Did something come on you in th morning?

    Tickers: Cod liver oil - That's the ticket.

    T-Birdicle: I certainly haven't been bested by Beaky. Yet. But have been conscious of neglecting the Blogsphere due to Smug Marriedness - Something I swore I wouldn't do. I'll be around this evening for some blog catch-ups.

    Spike, darling: At least if they sent email we could choose to ignore them or just delete.

    Eros: Ooh, thank you, Eros. I'll prepare my acceptance speach while wresting that license off snow.

  21. The Host, works for a government department dealing with the less desirable members of society.
    You work in the House of Lords ???

  22. Now where near as posh, BEAST. Even the House of Commons is stretching it...


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