Monday 10 November 2008

Dreamy in Speedos

Now. Where is that file?

What have I done with it?
Oops! Wrong ones. Pretend you didn't see those.

Is it in here, I wonder?

No. Ah, well. I could stand to look at these a bit longer...

* sings along to the soon-to-be-a-hit Dreamy In Speedos *

Because heee's sooo
Dreamy in Speeedos.
He makes my heaaaart siiiinng
When he wears almost nothing.

Well, it's not in here.

It must be in this file, then.
Hmmmm... But where, though?

Hah hah ha! Metrosexual my eye - Tim really is soooo much further gone than Metrosexual. All that shopping, not to mention the uncontrollable jealousy if I so much as glance at anyone else. I'm sure Reeser, Kreuk and Stevens are just elaborate decoys.

Ah! Here's the data I was looking for...

Lawks! It's today!

Sparky Malarkey - Dreamy in Speedos, Jealousy and all 'Dreamy in Speedos' file photos
Eros Den - More jealousy
Skilleans - He misses me
And my good self - The Honeytrap and lyrics to 'Dreamy In Speedos'


  1. I must agree with your secret file evidence: Tim is beyond metrosexual. A new convert! I guess he gave YOU the birthday present. I hope he got lots of nice prezzies himself.

  2. Your bedspread is pilling.

    Tim, just put the damn Speedos on and get it over with.

  3. And post photographic evidence of said Speedos on Tim, please.

  4. *turns up all sweaty, Gucci mini and hair in disarray*

    Happy birthday Timothy!

    Don't mind me, I've just been out um.... researching?

  5. Snooze: The evidence doesn't lie. Or shouldn't be made out to be lying, anyway.
    As for Tim giving a present - It wouldn't be amiss for him to give me something, even on his birthday, should it?

    MJ: My tablecloth is pilling, actually.

    If Tim had got up earlier, we could have gone swimming together as I had my Speedos on an hour ago, too.

    Ponygirl: I am ever hopeful that a photo opportunity will arise.

    CyberPetra: My goodness, you stink of alcohol and expensive perfume! And just look at your make-up - It's halfway down your face!

  6. Ha! There's a spy taking fotos of your secret files!

    Initiate Operation: The Birds!
    Send out the assassin, code name: Black bird!

    No one must survive!

    Great post! And Happy Birthday, Tim!

  7. Well it's been a long weekend.

    I need to fix this. *fixes makeup and spritzes self with Sexy Darling*

    Now where were we, Timothy. Is his actual birthday today? If so I completely missed it because I've been out, um, researching?

  8. Happy Birthday, Tim! Share some cake with us!

  9. Eros: No one will survive, for it won't be just Beaky who takes the job, but his Mrs and the kids, too!

    'Petra: It *is* his actual birthday today, you dirty stop out!

    Tara: Ha! You'll be lucky. You know how fond he is of slamming his head into any cakes in his vicinity.

  10. Oh dear. I completely missed that. Having been out doing my special research? and all.

    *fixes Gucci mini and hurries off to fix things with the man of the hour (day)*

  11. Ha ha ha!!! This was brilliant … in a weirdly stalkerish, I'm-going-to-be-installing-CCTV way!!

    Genius, and much appreciated.

    Now stop thinking *those* thoughts about me, dirty boi!

    Um, bois…

    (and isn't it weird how the Speedo logo looks like the Starfleet emblem?)

  12. 'Petra: Excellent fixings.

    Tim: Save your money - I can't be seen on CCTV. Except when I crawl out of the screen like Samara in The Ring. Although last time I tried it, I tripped over the edge and sprained my wrist when I hit the living room floor.

    I'm glad you liked my little birthday post to you. I hope you had a great day. You should've asked me to stop thinking those thoughts earlier - I might have done so for your birthday, but now it's over...

    The Speedo logo *does* look like the Starfleet emblem. Just a lot more... Speedy!

  13. Top secret documents?

    Did you find them on a train?

  14. Thank you dear.

    How ever are things going with that new man of yours?

  15. Have you crawled out of The Ring often?

  16. Very funny indeed and not creepy at all. Really.

    Srsly, made me day it did!

  17. I cant wait for the details of opperation honeytrap to be leaked . Happy birthday AGAIN Tim

  18. Ha!

    That was quite simply put, brilliant! Quite possibly the coolest thing you've ever done, IDV. Oh, and er, happy birthday Tim!

  19. Tickers: I might as well have done now that everyone's seen them.

    'Petra: Rather well, thank you for asking. Of course, this doesn't mean that cheeky Tim can breathe a sigh of relief.

    W*P*D: Heh heh! I'm glad. Thank you.

    BEAST: I'm going to try and keep them secure. After all, I wouldn't want Tim getting advance notice and scuppering my meticulous plans, would I?

    T-Bird: Why, thank you! It was practical and fun!


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