Sunday, 30 November 2008

Only a little bit back

Hello! I know I said I'd be back at the weekend. Well, actually, I said "I'll be back at the weekend, I hope." Note the "I hope." Anyway, I have five minutes to reveal what the last post's Item of Interest is. But first, some wrong 'uns: It's not my colon (Tim - Ha. Oh, hang on, here comes another one: Ha.), or my epidermis as a result of wearing too much orange (MJ - I'm clutching my sides), or, in fact, the brain of a lava lamp (Tara - excellent suggestion).

In actual fact it's those red lights in the shape of what appears to be cubes ('Petra), all bunched up and plugged in (Ponita - Liking the new name), in a vase (W*P*D).

Yay for the winners!

Oh, as for the SP guessing - Snooze and W*P*D have come closest so far. Keep it up. I'll reveal what SP actually stands for next week.

I hope you've all had (or are having) splendid weekends.


  1. Cool revelation on the item's identity...Now back to the fun:

    Sunday Paper?

    Swanky Panky?

    Soccer Player?

    Swarthy Postman?

  2. Sarah (Jessica) Parker.

    He's banging horse-face.

  3. Yay! I was partially right!

    Shag puppet??

    You can thank The Common Tater (aka Donn) for the new moniker. I quite like it too - think I will keep it forever. :)

    Hey, my WV is 'st prence' - is that what SP stands for???

  4. So what do we win? For guessing the lights.

    Ew! Are you really sticking it to horsey. Really a guy has to have his standards even if you're older than 40.

  5. *gasp* It is Stinky Poo or something, isn't it?

  6. Dang, I was way off. Oh well, thanks for the shout out! Glad you liked my idea.


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