Thursday, September 25, 2008

Televisualising at Castle DeVice

After Tim's viewing pleasure, and Dinah's week of TV, I thought I'd finish off this post I found languishing in Witchface's drafts. It's all about my televisual viewing in the course of a week.
So, let us begin:

Sunday, E4: Desperate Housewives - In the last episode I saw, Bree had kicked Orson out for running Mike over, so Orson was staying at Edie's, who plied him with martinis then kissed him (she's such a slut!) and got him to divulge some of Bree's dirty secrets. Susan bumped into her ex-husband, Carl, at Lamaze class and tried to get one up on him and his young, bimbo wife, by pretending to have a hectic social schedule with her current husband, Mike. Lynette is in a battle of wills with her step-daughter Kayla, who seems to be picking up where her psycho mum left off - Well, she did convince one of the twins to jump off the roof, thereby breaking his arm. Gabby enlisted the help of The Gays, Bob (nearly as hot as Tom Scavo) and Lee, to out her lodger as a hooker. However, the lodger convinced Gabby and Carlos that she was only a tattoo artist, when in fact, she's a drug dealer! And finally, Katherine came face to face with her ex-husband (who used to beat her up) after her daughter, Dylan, had been meeting up with the scheming so-and-so, behind her back.

Wednesday, E4: Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple In All The World - Actually, I haven't seen this week's episode. I taped last week's, which was the first one, and watched that. The Lego-Gays invited some dirty, filthy lesbians 'round and offered them humous, or something. Then they both filled a glass with jizz because one of the lesbians wanted Rick's baby. I don't know how it ended because the recording stopped before the end of the show. I don't think I'll be watching it again as it wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be.
However, I'm mildly disturbed to discover that I have a small crush on Steve (in the red plastic shirt)...

Thursday, ITV2: No Heroics - I think I'll let the video do all the talking. Except that, so far, my favourite Cape is Electroclash.

Also on Thursday, on Living: Grey's Anatomy - Meredith doesn't want to know her annoying sister (who would? She's annoying!), and despite breaking up with McDreamy, still shags him at every opportunity. Cristina manages to avoid her almost-mother-in-law (the FABULOUS Diahann Carroll) for almost the entire show, and gets rid of her unwanted wedding presents, too. George wants to tell his wife, Cally, that their marriage is over because he loves Izzy, but he can't because Cally is Izzy's boss and would make things difficult. However, Cally already knows and is in denial. Alex gets told off by Miranda for getting knocked out by a crystal meth maker/dealer after Alex told him his son's body was full of meth. Lastly, and disappointingly, McSteamy isn't seen half naked.

Friday, Channel 4: Ugly Betty - Christina is up the duff with Wilhelmina and Bradford's baby and living at Wilhelmina's where she's privy to all sorts of secrets. Henry and Gio compete to see who can get the most numbers from girls in a club - All in the name of research for Betty's article for Mode magazine. Amanda sings for Henry's band and is discovered by her father, Gene Simmons from KISS, after she sings a song about being his daughter (which is really rather good - She should sing the next Bond theme!). And Marc continues to be sooooo cute!
Oh, and Daniel and Alexis have some scenes, too, but I can't remember what they were all about.

Coming soon: Heroes (Wednesday's on BBC2 from 1st October), Primeval (ITV in January 2009, I believe), Pushing Daisies (can't be soon enough - Although, I am watching the first series again on DVD). And here's the trailer for series two:

I have also been watching some films. And they are as follows: Transformers (again), Stardust (again), Hot Fuzz (again), Final Destination 3 (again) and V for Vendetta (for the first time - Wow!).


  1. Kayla is a bad seed.

    Can you put a hex on her?

  2. MJ: Gladly. Although, I fear she might be able to deflect it with those big scary eyebrows of hers.

  3. Crikey, you watch some shitty shows. Not one guest stars Autumn Reeser.

  4. Kayla is psychotic.

    Can't wait to see what happens this upcoming season on Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty and Heroes.

    I have to say though Rick & Steve looks adorable. How long are those episodes?

  5. Tim: Yeah, I get enough of her at yours. Hmmmph!

    CyberPetra: The Happiest Gays only last about 25 mins. I think that's probably for the best.

  6. Well that goes to show you, even us gays can't be happy forever.

  7. TIM: I read that Autumn Reeser will be guest starring on Pushing Daisies. So there you go!

    I do like Rick & Steve, but I don't know if I could watch that show long term.

    I did like Bob and Lee on Desperate Housewives. I thought that Tuc Watkins is hot.

    I love TV.

  8. I want to watch No Heroics. Just for the Spanish guy... he was in Teachers, wasn't he?

  9. *GASP!*

    Autumn Reeser in Pushing Daisies!?

    Didn't someone say I looked a bit like the dude in it?

    *plots to replace Ned*

  10. The only common ground we have so far is Ugly Betty. But then I have not had much time to watch anything else of late

  11. Tim, IDV said that. At the risk of alienating the coven, the only thing you have in common with Lee Pace is the eyebrow factor.

    So no. You are not allowed to take over my favourite actor's role in an effort to get into some starlet's pants. Ist verboten!

  12. 'Petra: 25mins in the Gay World is practically eternity!

    Dinah: *GASP!*

    Autumn Reeser in Pushing Daisies!?

    Now my favourite show is ruined!

    Plus, Tuc Watkins is extraordinarily hot!

    T-Bird: He was. Matt the complete bastard English Teacher.
    Still, as bastards go, he was pretty cool. Even though I hated him for constantly demeaning Brian and Kurt (who obviously had a ManCrush on him).

    Tim: You can only replace Ned if that means he becomes my boyfriend.

    BEAST: Too busy slogging your guts out at Cafe C?

    T-Bird: Hmmm... I do think Tim looks like Lee Pace, but it probably is all down to the eyebrows, so no alienation today.

  13. That's cool, T-Bird; I'll just have to pursue Autumn by other means. I didn't want to look like Pie-man anyway.

    IDV, get some Autumn Reeser in your life! Do it!!

  14. I sort of agree with T-Bird: I don't see the similarity either. Maybe you have to see Tim in person for it to be closer.

  15. I was thinking that same thing as I writing my diatribe about Lee Pace. Maybe you do have to see people in person.

  16. Like, maybe he sounds like him, or walks like him, or has the same build, so it's more of the same presence. Hmm. I think we're just going to have to go on a research gathering trip to Tim's.

  17. IVD I am only doing one evening a week at Cafe C when I am back to normal work . But there are all manner of other diversions to keep a Beast occupied :-)

  18. I don't know how the pie-man walks, or talks, but I'll welcome a research gathering team.

    Tea and cake, team?

  19. I don't follow any of these shows anymore but your recaps are excellent.

  20. Tim, just so you know, we'll be bringing along an Ensign Ricky in case we run into trouble. Can't have us risking ourselves.

  21. Tim: I'd rather put her in a pie then bake it in Apocalypse Oven if it's all the same to with you.

    Dinah: I'll have to get closer to Tim's person, did you say, nay order?

    'Petra: Shit! That means I have had a long term relationship, then!

    T-Bird: I'll have to get closer to Lee Pace's person, did you say, nay order?

    Dinah: Bagsy I get to take the photos and vital statistics! I have my tape measure at the ready!

    BEAST: I can only imagine...

    Tim: Tea? Earl Grey. Hot.

    And a slice of black forest gateau, if you'd be so kind.

    Snooze: Thank you. I've just re-read them and they don't sound like they came from me, though. Any of mes!

    Dinah: You're so practical. I wouldn't've thought of bringing along a Red-Shirt.

  22. Hell my last relationship was a long term relationship. Which in itself is quite pathetic.

    As is the way I've acted lately. Oh well. I'll have another mojito please.

  23. I do, I order you to get closer to Lee Pace, whilst Dinah does some Northern Hemisphere reconnoitering for the rest of us.

    Get to it, kiddies!

  24. 'Petra: Pathetic? Absolutely not. Mojito? Oh, go on, then!

    T-Bird: Oh well, as Tim's playing extremely hard to get at the moment, his almost-double (in my eyes) will have to do!

  25. He doesn't know what he is missing, does he?