Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Host in the machine

I'm not back.

The fact is, I never left.

Well, I did, but I left me here in the Demon Box while I was... Am... Elsewhere.
Let me clarify: Witchface, The Host and Witchface's SubC have buggered off somewhere/when, leaving me, The Host's SubC, here, with only the vile and confusing HTML demons for company. I've managed to fend them off for now, enabling me to post this.
There's only so much I can do whilst I'm in here, so I'm bored. Oh, I've managed to infiltrate Facebook and have a few games of WordTwist and Scramble, but it's hard going. On the outside, I have fingers to press the keys, giving commands to the demons who have to obey them. But, in here, with no fingers, I'm at a disadvantage.

Hang on...

Gotta go. It looks like the HTML demons are regrouping.



  1. Thats THE most ridiculous excuse I ever heard for blatant malingering

    Well done Sir

  2. This is a very confusing and complicated post. It's what one might expect from someone who works for the government.

  3. Which part was "the science bit"?

  4. No wonder IDV had PC problems a while back… THERE'S A GHOST IN THE MACHINE!

  5. So I'd stand a chance against you in WordTwist?

  6. BEAST: Why, thank you, kind Sir.

    Tickers: Spin is our game.

    MJ: The fingers, or no fingers bit.

    Tim: Yes, and it wants to get out!

    CyberPetra: Ha ha ha! No. I've been practising!

  7. Did you know Facebook is a conspiracy?

    Yuh huh. It's secretly used to keep tabs on people and find out who pepole associate with and what people are up to. And who's behind it?

    other people

  8. I see. I think I give up after that defeat.

    Maybe it's just that I haven't been practising? God I hope so.

  9. Skillz: A conspiracy?! Other people!?!?

    Eeeeek! My identity!!

    'Petra: Noooo! Don't give up. Practise. It worked for me.

  10. You're tv viewing skills far exceed mine. Lately, I've been stuck watching the news...

    I see the HTML demons are busy; which makes me wonder, where are the HTFeML demons? Shopping?


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