Sunday, 14 September 2008

Bath time

I discovered this in my bath:

Normally, I don't mind spiders in the bath, but this one had used all my best bubble bath and splashed water everywhere. You should see the mess it's made!


  1. Did it sing in the bath too?

  2. Yikes!

    I am terrified of spiders.

  3. Maybe you could trade in Car and ride this thing to work?

  4. Betty: Badly!

    CyberPetra: Remember, they're just as scared of you, as you are of them.

    OK. So that was a lie. This one wouldn't be scared of an incoming slipper!

    Tim: Well, it would be more environmentally friendly. However, anything in its path would be crushed beneath its gigantic feet: Pedestrians, cars, buildings...

  5. It wouldn't be scared of an incoming piano.

  6. That thing looks majorly creepy. Like, he used up all your bubble bath...and liked it.

    I like the colour of your walls.

  7. 'Petra: He'd just brush it aside with a giant leg.

    Dinah: Creepy, yes. But at least he's clean and smells nice.

    The wall colour is called 'Gorgeous'. And it is!

  8. So what did you do with it eventually? Or is it still trapped under the forcefield?

  9. Imagine being molested by that if it got drunk and all touchy feely :-(
    Your word verification is going mental

  10. Tim: I managed to drop the forcefield and shoo it out the back door using Broom, who was none to pleased about it.

    Beast: Ewww! Stop imagining it, you perv!

  11. I can't concentrate on the colours of you bathroom.

    Could you take more photos without any of the following

    spiders, snakes and scary birds


  12. Anonymous14/9/08 21:36

    So did you eat it, or throw it in your bubbling cauldron?

  13. YAR! Wash it away! F**K animal rights, that's a BEAST!!!

  14. The Itsy Bitsy Spider went...well, this one is not so itsy.

    I've three spiders by the front door and windows. The keep the insects and bugs armies at bay.

    At least it's a clean spider and not a stink bug! Although, he may benefit from lessons on water conservation...and consideration for other people's property!

  15. If you wash them away ,they only go and climb up the overflow and watch you in the bath with those 100 eyes they have. :-)

  16. Yeeesh! That spider is too big to be wandering around in my bathroom. That size would have to chip in for rent or die.

    Did you offer him a rubber ducky for a bath toy? Or a shower cap?

  17. Ah man, do you remember that cartoon about a spider in the bath?

    Did you have adventures in wellies with it after releasing it from it's invisible forcefield?

  18. I'm hoping you morphed it into Damien Lewis with your witchy-poo powers, actually.

  19. It's legs are almost as long as yours.

  20. 'Petra: The interior of Castle DeVice may be shown in a future post. Stay tuned!

    Puppy & Hippo: Well, spiders are good eating, but I would've had so much left over that it would have gone to waste. The freezer can only accomodate so much, you know.

    M'Lady: But it didn't have a banana up it's botto- Oh. 'A' Beast. Not 'The' Beast.

    Eros: I do try and encourage the garden spiders to build their webs in the undergrowth outside my back door for just the reasons you do. And very good they are at it too.
    As for bath spider, I'll be sending him the water bill when I get it.

    Beast: I know. There's stalking, and then there's stalking.

    Tara: I think he would've eaten a rubber duck. And then demanded a main course!

    Skillz: I do now! I only had two pairs of wellies, so dancing through puddles was out of the question for him.

    T-Bird: Ooh, now there's a thought!

    MJ: And nearly as thin!


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