Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I was remote viewing earlier* while laying in the bath, but seem to have left some of myself somewhere. Possibly in orbit...?

Anyway, until I gather myselves together, I won't be around here much for the next few days or so. Instead, I'll leave you in the capable hands of The Coven - Who are already one member short, so give them some slack. Not too much, mind. Don't want them getting lazy.

See you soon!

* Don't worry, Tim. I didn't make it to your neck of the woods. Maybe tomorrow?


  1. Where the hell do you think you're going!?

    And: DORA…?!

  2. We could do X-Factor style auditions for a new coven member.

    I vote for Autumn Reeser.

  3. Well, she's been thinking about it for a while. I promise to give you little snippets now and then.

    Hmm. I thought I felt a remote viewing presence on the weekend... was my hair nice? Did I look cute?

  4. Tim: Why? Will you miss me?

    As for Dora: I don't recall getting a letter of resignation from her. Do you?

    Tim the second: Second!

    Ha! Just kidding. I don't want Reeser in The Coven. SHe's too much of a distraction already.

    T-Bird: Very cute. And your hair was remarkably well behaved. Apart from that instance when you were out in the back yard looking for Peecat. But I suppose we can attribute that to the breeze?

  5. You've a tv in the bathroom? How very opulent and daring of you. I'd be afraid of the tv falling in the tub and electrocuting someone taking a bath...unless it was a wasteful, messy spider and rude houseguests you were trying to get rid off.

  6. you will be missed I'm sure or something like that

  7. Phew - thanks for not mentioning what happened a little after lunch. It got all frizzy and unkempt.

  8. Have you gone down to the docks?

    Have several fleets pulled into harbour at once?

  9. ****dances the hornpipe****

  10. Yep - I passed by the docks before and saw the remnants of Her Majesty's finest Seamen and a leopard print bikini.

  11. Thank you for moving on from that last post filled with terror inducing images. I hope all your parts are off having a fun time.

  12. Technology's certainly left me in the dust. I've nary a clue what the younger generation do to view telly. Or clued-up old people like you. Here I am (not actually owning a telly any more as I gave up on all the crap they were broadcasting and I find out in the paper they do handheld thingies you can watch satellite with from your own Sky box via wireless half way across the world!!

  13. So what have you remote viewed lately, Meester Deevice?

  14. I bet he tried to make it towards my 'neck of the woods.'

  15. Absolutely TimTams. He's outside your window and has been all last week.

    I'd wear my chastity belt if I were you mate

  16. and remember that deer?

  17. You thought that was a stag lurking in the dark in richmond Park Tim.......


  18. Where are you? I feel my hag powers waning... you need to come back and give the coven a top up!

  19. Eros: Ah, the fizzle of electrocution. It has me coming over all unnecessary.

    'Petra: Aw, how sweet of you to make out that you care.

    T-Bird: You're welcome!

    MJ: Unfortunately, docking space is on the spare side, so only two or three vessels can berth at the same time, which is a bit of a disappointment.

    BEAST: Can you do a jig. too?

    T-Bird: Don't tell me they were taking turns trying it on?!

    Snooze: Most of my parts are... See the next post.

    Gleds: Old? OLD?!

    T-Bird: See below.

    Tim: I wasn't aiming for your neck, that I can tell you! Although, you're close with 'wood'...

    'Petra: A puny chastity belt is no match for my dextrous digits!

    BEAST: OK, OK...

    T-Bird: Here I am! Well, here part of me is.

  20. Pervert!

    (word verification: SCAYR. Oh, how true if only those last two letters were round the other way…)


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