Thursday, September 04, 2008

Coven Origins: Part Two

Snow White paused on the little track. She thought she heard something. The snapping of twigs, whispered voices maybe? She glanced around but could see nothing but trees and straggly undergrowth.
"It's only birds or some other small woodland creature" she said to herself. "Nothing to worry about." But she hadn't been very convincing.
The young queen walked on in nervous apprehension, the air around her growing cooler, feathers of frost starting to appear on the hem of her long yellow skirt, reaching up to her knees, but she didn't seem to notice.

"... but you do have a fabulous rack!"

Snow White stopped dead and whirled around. She definitely heard voices that time. And they were getting closer.

"I can't get them back in."

Suddenly, the undergrowth parted and two figures burst out, too intent on themselves to notice Snow White.

"Ow! Stop prodding them!"

"Well, keep still, then."

" * gasp * Not too tight!"

A blonde girl in a hooded red cloak was attempting to push her long haired companion's impressive boobs back into her bodice and keep them there while she laced it up.

"Nearly there" the blonde said.

"You're taking your time - Are you deliberately fondling my boobs?"

"No! Well, only a little. There" she said, finally lacing up the straining bodice. "Everything's back in place."

"Ahem" Snow White coughed daintily to get their attention.

The girls whirled around to face her. The blonde dropped to a fighting stance with a snarl on her face, and the coiled tresses of The-One-With-The-Fabulous-Rack came loose and writhed in the air, as if caught in a gust of wind despite there not being a hint of a breeze.

"Eeep!" exclaimed Snow White, rooted to the spot on the increasingly frosty ground.

"Oh. Your Majesty!" the blonde declared, standing upright and grinning. Snow White flinched slightly - There was far too much canine and incisor in that grin to be polite.

"Your Majesty?" 'The Rack asked quizzically.

"Oh, I forgot how long you'd been stuck up that tower" the blonde answered. "This is our new queen" and she gestured at the recovering girl in front of them. "Your Majesty, this is my friend Rapunzel. Please forgive her rudeness - She's been out of the loop for a while. And my name's Scarlet" she said bowing slightly while Rapunzel curtsied.

"Ah" Snow White said, trying not to be disturbed by the way Rapunzel's hair recoiled itself to the sides of her head. "Pleased to meet you, I'm sure."

- - -

Above the tree tops, aboard his broom, the witch silently followed a figure making its way through the densely packed forest.

To be continued...


  1. " * gasp * Not too tight!"...

    I bet you hear that phrase of disappointment a lot.

  2. I'm sure I don't know what you mean, MJ.

    Oh, Everyone: I know I said I'd finish this today, but I've had a memory block and can't remember all the details following this. Well, this did all happen over two years ago. I'll post the last part when my brain re-engages.

  3. Are you pandering to the likes of Beasty by any chance? With that slighty lesbionic tête-a-tête I mean.

    It's good stuff though (if you ignore the heaving bosoms.

  4. I think both IVD AND CyberPoof secretly have the hots for Beast.

    I anxiously await a drunken three-way!

  5. 'Petra: Pandering to His Beastliness? Certainly not.

    However, I didn't see any harm in trying to please the likes of him and, um... What other straight male readers do I have?
    Oh yes, Tickers and, unfortunately (for now) Tim.

    MJ: But I don't like bananas.

  6. Tickers is a little bit poofy.

  7. So you were pandering.

    In what other ways do you plan to please his Beastliness?

  8. About Scarlet and Rapunzel: That's pretty well a conversation between Dora and I when boobs are involved. I wouldn't say we are pandering to anyone, but living up to stereotypes for personal amusement. IDV, you've been eavsdropping all this time?! *gasp*!

    I love the hair medusa tentacles. It does have a mind of its own. Plus, I'm going to force Dora to read this today...

  9. I'm glad you're detailing this - my mind's still fuzzy from that rohypnol.

  10. Oh. You're still here. Well at least there's breasts in your posts these days, thank the gods for small mercies.

  11. Small mercies? They sound like a pair of huge miracles to me! So far so good. Be mindful of the forests; they've got some pretty mean creatures if you aren't careful. And whatever you do, stay on the path, don't eat food from strangers, and don't talk to strange wolves!

  12. More more more! Please.

  13. MJ: But so are boobs.

    'Petra: Oh, there'll be nothing else - I don't want to encourage him.

    T-Bird: Remember when I first got the eye avatar? Well, it's true: The eye knows all and sees all. I really can see what you're all up to!

    Tim: I did have to use quite a lot - You were surprisingly resilient.

    Fuckkit: Had I known those breasts would have enticed you, I wouldn't have bothered.

    Eros: But then where would the excitement come from?

    T-Bird: I'll try and do oart 3 when I get home from work today. Yes, I'm at bloody work!

  14. 'oart', of course, means 'part'.


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