Friday, March 16, 2007

Tuning in

I heard voices the other night, just before sleep took me.

A commanding female voice, speaking as if through gritted teeth said: "There's five thousand bodies on this, so I want you to put it right."
A second later, a whiny male said: "Can Jeremy...?" I don't think this was linked to the first voice. But some guy replied to him with: "Forget about it" in an exasperated tone. Then someone else spoke but I can't remember what they said. I think it was something technical. And following that, another voice said: "Here, somewhere" as if they'd been asked where something was.

Now, I know these voices weren't anything to do with IDV because old Witchface had gone out for the night, pestering TGOC Present I shouldn't wonder. I'm a little concerned by what the female voice said - There hasn't been anything in the news about 5000 deaths, has there?


  1. Uh... did you look behind you ... I thought so... (holding hand to mouth) Oh, my.

  2. don't listen to the voices! They'll lead you astray...

  3. Maybe you had a premonition. Like Ricky Martin.

  4. Maybe you had a premenstuation. Like Ricky Martin.

  5. Or does someone have their hand stuck up yer arse like a ventriloquist's puppet?

  6. What's a premenstruation?

    It sounds like you may have had a crossed wire with Gulliver in Lilliput. He had been hoiked about by 5000 little people when they had him all bondaged up, hadn't he?

    I can't wait to hear what you get when he gets to Brobdingnag. Possibly something even more kinky that being hoisted and transported about by 5000 little bodies whilst tied up.

  7. Christ, Fifthy! I looked around and almost knocked myself out on the bannister.

    Jingo: I think it may be a little too late.

    Skillz: I just hope I don't get incinerated then half drowned like him. Reminds me of old times...

    Tickers: I thought the carpet was a bit sticky.

    MJ: I think you're mistaking me for Piggy. How VERY dare you!

    T-Bird: I'm getting my fill of kinky with my latest series of dreams: Tom Scarvo is my boyfriend. We have sex and everything! And about time, too.