Monday, March 12, 2007


Wasn't it a lovely weekend weather wise?

Well, in England, anyway.

Norfolk, certainly.

Norwich and Overstrand, most definitely!

So much so that I decided to wash Car - who is now blindingly clean. See The Parents - hence knowing what the weather was like in Overstrand. And do some gardening.

However, I procrastinated somewhat over the gardening. You see, it needs some manure, especially for some of the larger container plants, and Car didn't want to visit some mucky stables in its beautiful, sparkling condition. And I certainly didn't want to be lugging great sacks of stinky manure around! So, I went out with some friends instead - Ok, that wasn't so much procrastination as going off on a tangent, but you get the idea - one of whom being Svaathor. The topic of gardening came up and being the polite and generous centaur that he is, he offered me some manure.

My eyes may have widened ever-so-slightly, but I'm sure he didn't notice, as I graciously declined his offer.

I mean, how many of you would let your friends come 'round and shit all over your garden?


  1. Couldn't you have used what Piggy left you in the previous posting?

  2. Well, I could, but it's so repulsively putrid. I think it'd kill off anything that had started to grow, rather than nourish it.

  3. Car looks very sparkly!

    As for friends shitting in the garden … well I suppose it all comes down to how drunk they are…

  4. I have noticed that car hanging around in lay-bys and car parks at motorway services

  5. Tim: Eww! Alcohol poos are the worst.

    So I'm lead to believe,

    I wouldn't know myself, of course...

    What on earth are you insinuating, Frobi?

  6. Nice Alpha! Haven't I seen it cruising the lady-boy district of Norwich?

  7. I say let your friend have a shit. I've always (well for the past few seconds) pondered whether you can make alloys of shit; 70% cow shit mixed with 30% human shit to make some sort of super manure?

  8. You know what? Car has needs too! So what if car has been cruising! Car looks shiny and pretty. Oh, and fabulous garden, by the way!

  9. It was a gorgeous weekend here too. Maybe Toronto and Norfolk are on the same wavelength!

  10. *averts eyes from Car's colour*

    *looks for mud*

    *takes aim*

  11. I have heard of wee on the citrus tree to help it grow (I have never done it but know someone who has) but as for shitting in the garden....perhaps not.

  12. Oh Dora, you haven't lived until you've had a shit in the garden.

    Then watched as a little sparrow came along and flew off with it.

    I'd like to shit on the bonnet of Car though.

  13. My Car says to your Car: Pfffft.

  14. Have you got a Mini yet, Fifth?

    I remember you were going on about it last year.

  15. Tickers: If only Norwich were that cosmopolitan. The nearest we've got is that little kid from Rosary Road who clip clops along the street in his mum's high heels and handbag.

    I'm surprised he hasn't been beaten up.

    Skillz: Ah, but would it be susceptible to the poo-form of Kryptonite?

    T-Bird: Umm... The garden's not mine anymore. 'Ours' I should say - It was The Parents' until they moved just before Christmas.

    Dinah: It would go some way to explaining our minds being on the same wavelength, wouldn't it?

    * Throws a bucket load of Skillz' Super Manure squarely into Piggy's face *

    Dora: Maybe that's why my lemon tree died - I didn't wee on it? How bizarre.

    * Throws another load at Piggy for good measure *

    Fifthy: My Car just looks smug that it's not an old Ford Probe. Pah!

    Piggy: Stalker.

  16. Yes I was wondering what happened to the Mini.