Sunday, 5 November 2006

Sharp prick

I found myself on hands and knees on the bathroom floor the other night.

And you can stop those thoughts right there!

Honestly, feed you a line and you gobble it down like you haven't eaten in a week.

Lawks! etc. etc...

Anyway, there I was, painstakingly locating and retrieving all the bits of finger and toenail that I'd accidently spread all over the floor with a flick of the towel*, when the light was suddenly obscured.

"What the...?" I exclaimed, looking up. "Oh."

"Hello" the light obscurer said. "Sorry to just turn up like this."

I squinted as I looked into the eyes of my visitor, then recognition kicked in. "Hmmm... You could've waited a few minutes - I'm not dressed."

"Yes. I can see" my visitor admitted, wincing slightly.

"Hey! I don't know what that look was for?"

"What do you mean? What 'look'?"

"That wincing look." I was getting mildly annoyed now. "You've been in me before - you should be familiar with this."

"Yes. Well. That was a long time ago."

"Speaking of which, when are you coming from?"


"Ah. That would explain the ridiculous get-up."

My visitor just looked down his nose at me before saying "I expect you want to know what I'm doing here?"

Funnily enough, I didn't. And I told him so. "No."

"Not even a little curious?" he asked.

"Look. I'm hot, tired and naked" I replied. "I'm more curious about my bed."

"Well, you haven't got the luxury of sleep. At least not yet."

Continued in... Ouch!

* This might be TMI, but I find it easier to clip finger & toenails during or after a bath as the hot water makes them softer and easier to cut. I usually collect as I clip and leave them in a little pile on the edge of the bath rather than leave them rolling around at the bottom of the bath - there's nothing worse than feeling a sharp prick in one's bum when wallowing around in the bath...


  1. Yes, a sharp prick indeed. No-one wants that to happen....

    I see the method in the madness though.

  2. "You've been in me before - you should be familair with this"

    Oo Er Missus! have I missed a posting?

  3. Anonymous5/11/06 12:18

    It's often during a nice bubble bath that I often contemplate how nice a sharp prick would be...

    ...each to their own, eh?

  4. "Look. I'm hot, tired and naked" I replied. "I'm more curious about my bed."

    I'm totally stealing that for everyday use. Especially when I'm cold and clothed, just to confuse 'em.

  5. Of course not. The very idea, Dora. But what if it wasn't quite so sharp?

    Not yet Frobi. Be sure to catch the next one - all will be explained. Vaguely.

    I've pushed the prissyness aside and I'm with you on this one, Miss T!

    : The very next time someone asks if you're curious about something, you've got to say it. Then post about it. Yay!

  6. Anonymous5/11/06 20:38

    ... however, a nice big blunt prick in your behind is another matter entirely.

  7. Thank you Qenny. We were beating around the bush somewhat (I hope that wasn't a euphemism for vaginal violence?)!

  8. Anonymous7/11/06 09:11

    It's often during a nice hot bath I contemplate how good a beating around the bush might be.

    I almost didn't post this, but I snorted some wine out my nose, and hopefully someone else will too. Either in laughter or disgust, it's all the same to me...

  9. Live dangerously miss t. Don't beat around the bush when you need a beating around the bush.


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