Saturday, 4 November 2006

I was bored


  1. The colour red seems to make me feel angry.

    Urge to kill...


  2. Anonymous4/11/06 11:54

    That would look awesome on my living room wall!

  3. I_B: Rising... Rising... Faaaading... Rising!

    Tim: You're more than welcome to it if you can somehow extricate it from the Demon-Box.

  4. I liked the blue but now I like the red.

    I'm so fickle!

  5. Boredom? Pah, what a luxury! Reds one of my favourite colours, second only to pink but never ever to be put together.
    Like cigarettes and petrol stations, really. Except I did that the other day, and I'd never dream of mixing red and pink.
    Ahem. Back on track- what do you think of doing these on comission?

  6. Anonymous5/11/06 02:39

    This one is really sexy. I really, really, like it.

  7. Dinah: 'Fickle is as fickle does' or somesuch... I might try green next.

    Imogen: Is there still a petrol station where you were mixing?

    As for commissioned pieces - I'd do them out of the goodne... souless blackness of my heart. Except if they were required in paint on canvas, then laziness would kick in and I don't think I'd ever get around to finishing a piece. I could give it a go, though...

    Miss T: To quote a fellow blogger "AWESOME", thank you!


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