Thursday, 9 November 2006

Headline News!

Shock update!

I saw Porsche Man™ yesterday on my way to work!

Well, I saw a reasonably good looking man driving a blue Porsche, anyway. He did ogle me - it could have just been a quick glance but I prefer to think of it as something a bit more lascivious - so it must've been the same man. He had a personalised number plate as well, something with S's and 7s. Possibly a D, too. And even a W. My eyesight is not terribly good - especially at 07:15 in the morning. My memory is even worse!

The thing is, the Porsche appeared a darker light blue than I remember (I know I've just admitted my memory is more than a bit rubbish) and the guy driving wasn't quite as good looking either. But, he did look.

Now I don't know if it's the same guy and my memory just isn't playing ball, or it's a different guy and I am displaying Porsche Man pulling powers.

I wonder if I'll see him tomorrow?

And another (completely unrelated) thing:

A visit to a cubicle in the mens room at work* today (for a number one - don't do work poos) left me somewhat perturbed.

I entered the cubicle to find the toilet lid down. Lawks, I thought, What horrors lurk beneath? It was with some trepidation that I lifted the lid, imagining some vile monstrosity to come leaping out, something like the shit weasels from Dreamcatcher. Thank goodness the coast was clear. I'm always worried when visiting a cubicle and finding the toilet seat down. It must've been from the time I saw what looked like a bucket-full of bolognaise smeared all over the bowl...

* Too many weirdos to go at the urinal.


  1. Anonymous9/11/06 21:45

    Dreamcatcher: I love that movie because of all the cute boys! Ohhhh, Damien Lewis, you and your bloodnut hair...

    If I was a boy, cubicles would be my first choice too. I just can't abide the thought of strangers seeing my youknowhat.

  2. I really don't get the whole urinal thing. I'd much rather have a bit of privacy.

    You get splash back with urinals after all...

  3. 'Bloodnut' - I've never heard of that before, Miss T. It's certainly classier than 'ginger'. Damien Lewis sure is worthy of 'Ohhh-ing' over. He's gorgeous! I'm glad you like him too - I don't want him to feel no one fancies him 'cause he's a ginge... Sorry, Bloodnut.

    Tim: I don't like the word 'urinal' either. It's, quite frankly, disgusting.

  4. I wish someone at my workplace would STOP doing their work poo. I mean really people - IT'S NOT BLOODY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

  5. They were talking about this almost obsessively on the radio yesterday (shall we guess which high brow station I listen to?). Apparently the general British public have a phobia of using public toilets.
    I say, send the silly people who say things like "Oh yes, I went on a work trip once and didn't pee for four days" to India. On a backpackers budget.
    But yes. No poo business to be done in public loos.

  6. I sort of wish I had stopped reading after Porsche Man Returns, but I feel I've learned a lot of potentially useful stuff today.

  7. Oh, no! By the time you shag him, the Porsche will be midnight blue, and the driver will look like Peter Stringfellow.

  8. Thanks for visiting,Do call again!

  9. Sorry to comment so late - the book of Dreamcatcher would put you off the loo forever. Stephen King is in the UK, I ran into him at a Spectator reception - bizarrely he asked me to fetch him a drink, which |I did, later I saw him chatting to Lord Tebbit and Barbara Amiel. There is no explanation for this..

  10. I hope he didn't think you were part of the staff, Mutley?

  11. Yes - he did - he is strange and wears an obvious wig, also, there was peculiar stain on his crotch, as though he had been shat on by a seagull, or a radioactive baboon (if he came to Bridport!)


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