Thursday 16 November 2006


  1. Are you in a darkroom?


  2. Clearly waiting for some photos to develop.

    (That's what darkrooms are for, innit?)

  3. Are they all witches? I can never figure out the horde...

  4. OOOHHH!!!! I am in the coven of hags!!!!!

    See how excited I am? I am abusing punctuation!!!!

    That. Is. Too. Cool.

    I'm off to whip some monkeys!

  5. Am I the only one who has a car torch.... oh yes so I am. Oh, I din't realise it was your leg - I was going for the crotch.

  6. Fourth Voice: Wow! Thats a Big stiffie!

  7. Fifth voice: I'm getting squashed in here! OOh look! a thought! Quick! Catch it before it escapes!


  8. MJ: That would be telling!

    Frobi: * CLONK * Ooh, sorry! I couldn't see where I was going.

    Qenny: Exactly! What else?

    Miss T: Your promotion came through, at last. And one of the perks of power is to abuse it. Especially where punctuation is concerned.!,;:!'!

    Mutley: Ooh, that shone right in my eye. One of the eyes in my head, that is...
    Fourth Voice: See MJ's comment.

    M'Lady: Unfortunately, the thoughts tend to be as fleeting as the glimpses. Try and get hold of Mutley's torch to shed some light on things...

  9. Inappropriate touching! That's exactly why I visit.

    My WV: itzgay


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