Sunday, 19 June 2022

White Cliffs of Over(strand)

Uh, oh...  This doesn't seem right?

 On Thursday, knowing that the temperatures on Friday were going to hit at least 30° and therefore any outside venturing then would result in heatstroke, and crisping of skin followed by complete desiccation, I slapped on some sunscreen, stepped outside and sloped off down to the beach to get some fresh air and have a paddle.

 Only it didn't quite go according to plan...

A sudden embiggening of the landscape alerted me to the fact that I had inadvertantly happened upon the Lilliputian Cusp interface again, promptly becoming debigulated.

I like an exotic locale as much as the next person, but there're no foxy lifeguards or cocktail bars down here!  (Although the pools are crystal clear and relatively warm)

After splashing around for a bit, then clocking some hungry-looking seagulls, I decided it was time to get out...

... and followed a serpentine 'canyon'...

... to the other side...

... whereupon emerging from the chalkscape, I managed to rebigulate myself...
(who's laughing now, Professor Frink?)

... and resume my walk along the beach to...

... the End-of-the-Line!

Thataway lies Trimingham

But I wasn't going to walk that far, so I turned around and headed home...

... taking a quick look at the scar leftover from that cliff fall three years ago...

... and a glance back along the revetment.


Xenon (MACT4)


 Fortunately, I didn't have to deal with any boys on the coast selling worms to the boats:



P.S. I'm not the only one to get caught up in Overstrand's chalkbeds, as Starfleet officers Koromandis and th'Thanticar can attest.


  1. Brilliant Liliputian photography, Mr DeVice! I wish we had a beach so close - it was soooo hot on Friday, while I was in the office. This weekend? Cold, grey and wet (of course).

    We didn't even get the "gay sunset"...Jx

    1. A gay sunset? How did I manage to miss that?!?

      I don't envy you going to work on Friday. I was fortunate enough to be able to work from home (although I'd rather not have worked at all!).

  2. With no one around, it's beyond me why you aren't streaking down the beach naked.

    Ill be in the gin hut if anyone needs to find me.

    1. He is. That's why he never appears on the blog himself - it would cause us to make comments about his bigulation.

    2. I did attempt the nakedness once or twice, but the first time Greenpeace arrived and tried to push me into the sea to scuttle back into the abyssal crevice from which they assumed I'd extricated myself. And the second time I got complaints from people on the cliff top because the sun's glare off my pallid body was blinding them.

      Hmmm... Neither time did anyone mention my bigulation. I expect the coldness of the sea had caused debigulation...

  3. The canyon you found yourself in reminds me of those surbigulated pictures of verrucas. I think it's the colour.

    1. That reminds me: I need to check the soles of my feet now that I've been visiting the swimming pool.

    2. See? I only have your best interests at heart and you're mean to me!

    3. Mean? Why, I was only being practical thanks to your insightful simile.

  4. Well I'm glad someone made the most of the British Summer 2022. I was ill. I have only just recovered, and nobody has asked after me. It was not Covid.
    I will commend you on your photography, before exiting in a huff of scarlet to return to my couch of convalescence. Good day to you, Mr Devine! [And yes I have been reading historical novels again.]

    1. * flails through scarlet huff *

      Oh, Ms Scarlet - welcome back! If it helps (it almost certainly won't), I was on the verge of emailing you.
      Although, it probably wouldn't have helped if I had as email wasn't around in 'them days'. The pigeons around here are too dim to be used to carry messages (and I'm certainly not asking Beaky!), and the only man with a horse I know is actually a centaur with an appalling sense of direction...
      Still, if you can hear me from your couch of convalescence, I'm glad you're on the mend!


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