Saturday, 2 September 2017

Triumphant Tin Foil Hat 2017

The winning hat waiting to be unveiled
 It's time!

 Time for the unveiling of the "Tin Four, Rubber Duck" 2017 Triumphant Tin Foil Hat!

 All the votes are in - both the public gallery votes and the private email votes - and I'm pleased to announce that I didn't have to use my own vote as a Head Judge's Decider as there is a clear winner (just).

 But, before we get to the winner, we'd better take a look at the runners up. Yes, runners up plural. With three Tin Foil Hats gaining the same amount of votes each - just two less than the winner - this year's compo sees three runners up!
 And they are:

Charmaine's Ms Scarlet's Tin Foil Hat Competition with rubber duck by Andy Warhol

Mago's Darling - I set my head on fire for You !

and Dinahmow's Fantabulous Titfer

 And so, I am pleased to present the 2017 Triumphant Tin Foil Hat:

Savvy's Four Feathered Fascinator!

 Savvy, you've done it!  Not only have you managed to get a tin foil hat designed, constructed and submitted on time (for a change), but you've also gone and won!


 I'll gather some old bits of tat a resplendent prize together and have it winging it's way to you forthwith (or whenever I can be bothered...)

Enormous thanks to all those who made a tin foil hat - without you there would be no tin foil-wrapped event (however scratchy and uncomfortable it may have been, cough*Hound*cough). And thanks to everyone who stopped by and voted, and everyone else who was aware of this event and yet didn't report us to the Council of Tin Foil Travesties.


Uh, oh... What's going on here?
Livid at being consigned to the "also-rans", LX, Hound and the Host put the final touches to their tin foil plane with which to fly away to a mountain lair and plot their revenge (Hound might appear to be sniffing LX's bum, but is, in fact,  pretending to check the prop-shaft, or somesuch. Like he knows what he's doing...)


  1. SWEET MARY SUNSHINE,SUGAR, you weren't kidding! I can't believe it, but I am most grateful to all y'all who voted for my contribution to the Tinfoil Competition 2017! Thank you! It was honor just to submit my entry amongst such esteemed milliners! Every single one of the entries was fantastic and so worthy of the honor of winning! Thank you again!

    But, enough about all y'all! ;)

    I WON! I FUCKING WON! HUZZAH! *twirling*

    xoxoxo and seriously, Thank You!

    *dancing off into the sunset*

    1. Dame Barbara Cartland contacted me from the grave and wondered if she could commission you to create a Tin Foil Masterpiece for her. I said I'd ask you, but to be quite honest, I wouldn't bother as she's practically all dust now, and a hat would just go straight through her!

  2. Oh! There'll be no stopping her now!She's got the bit between her teeth.
    Well done, Sav.

  3. Anonymous2/9/17 21:12

    Congratulations to all participants - and especially to Savannah !
    Besides Hound's frottage, Mago's self harming issues, and the outstanding Punk-piece of our host, we see different approaches to serialisation with MsScarlet's, LẌ's and Dinahmowh's entries. These all sport four ducks.
    What stands out like the proverbial thumb is Savannah's Four Feathered Fascinator, rightfully crowned the winner of this year's event. Again - congrrratulations !

  4. Congrats to Savannah and to the lovely runners up Miss Scarlet, Dinah, and Herr Mago! Brilliant works of art, one and all!

    PS: I've always wanted a mountain lair! Thank you Mr Device!

    1. I'll supply the Pit of Crocs, Hound says he can manage to conjure up a Chavalanch generator, so are you able to bring along an industrial strength laser capable of splitting a tuxedoed man in twain from his privates to his noggin?

    2. I'm not sure about that actually. In fact I'm in awe of your channeling Barbara Cartland, when the most I've ever managed was Agatha Christie.

  5. Yeah, congrats Savvy....whateve's.....not that I'm a sore loser or anything.....
    WELL, SOMEBODY DOES HAVE TO BE THE SORE LOSER!!! So it may as well be me :-)

    1. Charmaine? Is that you? Have you hi-jacked your Aunt's account again?

    2. The stupid girl has her own profile, but likes to besmirch my good character by using mine and going all capital letters over your wonderful post.
      Apologies, to both you and Savvy.
      Meanwhile, I am feeling wretched, and old.

  6. Replies
    1. Hah haa hah ha! I won't be going there again!

  7. That part where you said that Savannah, "submitted on time (for a change" ....

    My thoughts exactly but I was too polite (for a change) to say so.

    BRAVO, SAVVY! I'm fascinated by your fascinator.

    1. I'm glad Savvy did get her winning entry in for this moment: "I WON! I FUCKING WON! HUZZAH! *twirling*"

      The "FUCKING" had me in stitches!


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