Thursday, 9 July 2020

And then there were two...

 Right.  I think you've all had enough of that Star Trek stuff, haven't you.  So, as I haven't got much else in the way of distractions, here are some photos from the last week or two.
 First up, the End-of-the-Line from just after my second sea swim on 28th June:

Forties Sentinel standing watch

 At the end of June, four new visitors arrived in the gardens of Hexenhäusli Device.  It didn't take long for their number to diminish, though. From 2nd July, when this photo on the right was taken, only three little pheasant chicks (and their mum) could be seen.
 And now, there are only two...

 This final set of photos were taken on 4th July during a drift along the cliff to Sidestrand, and then inland to Northrepps before returning home to Overstrand:

The End-of-the-Line from the cliff at the top of Tower Lane...
... and back west, Overstrand.
And here are some of the wild flowers found along the way:
Chicory (Cichorium intybus

This grass was up to my armpits

Musk mallow (Malva moschata)

I rather like these Scots Pines beyond this field of oilseed rape in Sidestrand (last seen here)

Heading back into Overstrand...
... about to penetrate the tunnel!
Rosebay Willowherb at the end of the High Street in Overstrand.



  1. Awwww....what ate the pheasant chicks?? Nature is so cruel.
    Off topic, have you had a haircut yet?

    1. I don't think it was nature, I think it was a cat! (although, it could have been a fox or a hawk...)

      I've had several Lockdown haircuts - All performed by my own personal barber of the last decade - Me!

  2. I am finally catching up! My stoopid reader somehow stopped telling me I had posts to read...
    Now I am scurrying to find suitable pics for the Garden Expo! (Pulls on wellies, jams a hat over uncut hair...)

    1. Ah, and I thought you thought I was being even more slack than usual and didn't want to waste your time coming here and finding nothing new. Which, to be fair would be more than reasonable considering that this time last year I'd managed about 45odd posts, but this year only 27...

      Terrifying Triffidery, Dinah. Terrifying Triffidery!!

  3. Ooh - a map of your nethers! How fab. I shall get my reading glasses on for a good old perlustration...


    PS Shame there's only a couple of pheasants left - I thought you might have been fattening them up for a game pie come autumn.

    1. "Perlustration"? I thought you'd made it up (a bit like Mago's recent "combumbambelment"), but a quick Bing and I discovered that it's real. Fancy.

      It seems someone (or thing) couldn't wait until Autumn...

  4. Great map!

    I'm noticing places with the name "Covert" such as "Long Broom Covert" and "Bear's Covert." Are they some sort of woodland area?

    1. Thank you! And, yes, all those "coverts" are indeed wooded areas - some natural, and some on purpose. Broom likes to think "Long Broom" was named for it, but I haven't the heart to inform it otherwise...

  5. That ship sure does look huge! 🧡 But it's cool so, nice shot! 👍🏻

    Also, all that nature is givin' me LIFE. 💚💚💚

    1. Well, thank you - I'm happy to have provided a little rejuvenation.

      And, welcome, by the way!

  6. I looove the passage through the ferns, obviously the local cruising ground is at one end or the other of it.
    I'm off to perlustrate at your pill box. I love pill boxes as well.

    1. I'm zooming in to see if there are any tissues. Jx

    2. Oh, we're quite considerate. We take our rubbish ho- I mean, I'm sure such things don't occur around here... And expecially not in old pillboxes!


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