Thursday, 20 June 2019

Because I can't just pick one...

 I promised sunset photos, and here they are.  A multitude of them!  All from last Friday.  I've whittled them down quite a lot, but cannot cull any longer, as each of these has something of note, despite being very similar to many of the others.
 I've numbered them for ease of commenting about a specific photo (in case anyone feels inclined to comment on a specific photo, that is).  After all, "The cloud in #944* looks like a tayloo" is better than "There's a cloud that looks like a tayloo in that photo with the sunset in the middle and the waves just breaking and the three stones that look like a face.  You know, the one three down from the page break thingy?".  Isn't it?
 Anyway, as always, click to embiggen, and try not to fall asleep on your way down.


#917 (with seagull!)



















* Not featured here as it's very similar to #945. And the cloud doesn't look like a tayloo. Unless you really squint after a couple of gins or twelve...


  1. Well! I like them all! They are ALL very atmospheric, and I understand your angst about culling them. I particularly like #987 #945 and #937. This is like ordering from a Chinese menu!

    1. Prawn crackers are extra, but I might throw in a free fortune cookie.

  2. Oh! Toss in a seagull, please, as I can't see it in #937.Fortune cookie will do,if out of gulls.

    1. It's a very tiny seagull, Dinah. Just above the bright sunlight at the bottom left of the photo.
      Oh, and here's your fortune:

      "That wasn't chicken..."

  3. I can see an anvil in the clouds. Take cover!

  4. Does it have ACME stamped on it?

    * Meep meep *


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