Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Come for the cake, but stay for the nudity!

The Mother's 70th birthday cake.
Not the 70th cake - we're not gluttons!
This is the cake for her 70th birthday.
 This may be a somewhat surprising post for a couple of reasons.
 No, I've not joined the cakefarter brigade like The Very Mistress MJ, but there is cake (on the right there), and there is nudity. Well, not full nudity. After all, this is a tasteful blog, not some tawdry affair.
 The surprise is that the partial nudity is my own!
 Sick bags can be found under your seats.

 But before we get to that, let's have some Cake!
 (Made by me and decorated by Inexcuseable. I knew she should have had a practice with that gold spray first...)


Oh, the other surprise is that this is yet another beach photos post. Ha!

This was from just before 9 o'clock this morning at the Coast Road slope in Overstrand

Pretty, isn't it?

The great claggy swathes of seaweed are less pretty...

I'm not sure what's going on here. Are those Borg cubes coming over the horizon?
Sweden is that-a-way after all...

I almost called this post "Of Cake and Cormorants"
but I didn't want to upset Ms Scarlet any further.

This is where I took my swim

It's amazing what one can find on a big groyne

More prettiness at the end of the line

Yes, your wings have almost the same span as those wind turbines

Seagulls and a lone fisherman (he's probably caught crabs)

Ooh, hello

I disturbed this little chap as I was walking back along the beach

Bloody tourists ruin everything!

Dressing to the right

And this is how I left it


 I bet you thought I'd forgotten, didn't you. Well, hold on to your lunch:

OK, so I'm wearing square-cuts, but it's practically nudity!

And finally, yes, there was another post between this one and Warning: Nudist Beach Ahead! but that blasted French automaton got to it, so I reverted it to draft.



  1. Anonymous31/8/16 15:21

    Aaww, what a big one in that last pic - gold spray ?

  2. Anonymous31/8/16 15:22

    Manners : YAY - first !

  3. Damn, that nudity spell is one I can never get quite right! A friend and I once spent half an hour willing this chap to take his shirt off and all it did was make him scratch his leg - sigh -

    1. Life is full of little disappointments, isn't it?
      Nudity spells never work for me, either - There are two or three young men at work who remain resolutely clothed despite my best efforts!

  4. I'm thinking a click-bait title like "Of Glitter & G-Strings" for the Frogbot!

    1. Good one! Then, perhaps, I can trap it in the post forever? And the post itself shall only consist of The Very Mistress's cakefarter link!

  5. " amazing what one can find on a big groyne..." Like shags?

    Your mama's cake looks lovely.Oh, that should probably be past tense!

    1. Shags? Most definitely! (I did have my suspicions, but I think I'm too far south for a shag)

      The cake is definitely a thing of the past, now!

  6. Were you on stilts? Jx

  7. The birthday cake looks gorgeous! Rich & decadent, what a festive creation!

    The beach fotos are spectacular! What glorious sunlight & bountiful golden sands! I could build sandcastles & obscene sand sculptures with all that sand & wide open spaces. The seal pic is awesome--makes the area seem full of wildlife. The critter in the sand made me think, trilobite! And the mention of the fisherman capturing crabs made me hungry for delicious steamed crabs with butter & a side of seaweeds! The beaches look lovely & inviting! And the beach stones signature of your site is awesome!

    Tourists suck, especially when you're trying to enjoy the solitude & sun naturally. Over the years, I've learned to set up in the remote location, in between sand dunes, preferably at an elevation where you can spot intruders coming from a distance when you sit up. Use a cheap plastic shower curtain as your beach blanket & have your beach towel next to you in case you need to cover up quickly. And always use sunscreen so you don't get sunburn.

    1. I thought trilobite, too!

      The shower curtain is a good idea, but I was concerned that you may become stuck to it in hot weather. Then I remembered that you had a lubricant in the sunscreen. I'm sure you must have slathered it on absolutely everywhere?

  8. You have some major camel toe going on.

    1. I nearly choked on the Borg cubes.
      Oh so the French have gotten into the Garibaldi's then? Make sure they don't take a French fancy to your groin.

      Anyhow, I am still jealous of your cormorants.... but, I will have something of interest for you soon.

    2. The Very Mistress: And what looks like the beginnings of a muffin-top, but I'm sure both are a trick of the light. Or shadow. Or whatever.

      Ms Scarlet: Well, those cubes are quite sizable. It's never a good idea to try and swallow one whole!

      Yes, those dratted French. And I do love a French Fancy, too. Although I haven't had one on a groin, yet...

      I shall check your blog as regularly as I can today - I notice you almost made a promise over at Dinahmow's!


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