Monday 1 July 2013

Spot the bunny

In the absence of anything terribly exciting or mystifying (it's been a slow couple of weeks), I thought I'd just give you a brief update of what's been happening here at Castlette DeVice.

First up, last weekend we had a visit from my sister, Indescribable DeVice, and my six week old niece, Lionel (not her real name, although I think it should be). My gods that baby can scream!

The screaming didn't seem to perturb Ming that much, as you can see below:

A sleeping Ming

Indescribable also left me with her familiar. She thought I'd pay it more attention than she does now that she's got a Lionel to look after. Although not quite a Moom, Gerbil (yes, Indescribable's that lazy that she couldn't be arsed to think up a name for it) is settling in nicely and not tormenting Inexcuseable's cats too much.

My new familiar, Gerbil. Great name, eh?

On Friday, Inexcuseable and her husband departed for a two week holiday, leaving me to my own devices. (Note the lowercase 'd' - No incest here).

So far, I've kept myself busy, mostly repotting and rearranging my modest array of potted plants. Although, the array is getting somewhat less modest as I can't seem to stop myself from visiting the garden centre!
Anyway, here's how my little potted garden is doing:

Oh, one final thing: I am no longer incommunicado. I have a new phone! My last phone slipped into a coma several months ago (December or January, I believe), and I couldn't put myself through the trauma of trying to find a suitable new one. Remember the drama when I was in need of a new PC?! 
The longer I put it off, the more used to not having one I got. However, after some almost relentless nagging from various friends & relatives, last week I finally caved and ended up with this: 

I've had it a week and sent three texts so far. I don't think I'm in any danger of exceeding my free 5000 per month...

So. That's it for now. I'm off over the Cusp in a little while, so I should have plenty to tell you when I get back.


  1. Can we have a name the gerbil competition???? PLEASE???

  2. Gerbil Device!

    Did I win yet?

    PS: Didn't Richard Gere get into some mischief with a gerbil once-upon-a-time?

  3. ...maybe so, Mr Lax. I believe an empty cardboard toilet roll tube was also involved...or was that someone else?

  4. Would you like us to save all our empty cardboard bog rolls and pop them in the post to you?

  5. This may interest you, mostly potted plants.
    You need these cardboard things? Fine, don't know where to put them anyway ...

  6. Miss Scarlet: Oh, go on then.

    LX: Bang go Miss Scarlet's chances of winning...

    As for Richard Gere, I don't think anyone was a winner in that situation. Especially not the gerbil.

    MJ: That's very kind but I think I've got enough for now, thanks.

    Mago: It does interest me. A lot! So pretty...


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