Thursday, 26 July 2018

Thursday Swim: Nest of Horrors

 Wait. No. That butterfly (a Meadow Brown) is not the horror. Where is it?

::mutters to self::

 Oh, I can't find it now.  It's mixed up with the other photos somewhere.  Why are nests of horrors never where you left them?  It's almost as if they get up on hundreds of creepy little legs and wander off somewhere to burst open and cover you with tiny, itchy horrors the moment you do happen upon them?
 Oh, well.  It's bound to turn up soon.  Until then, let's have a look at some wildlife photos taken just after this morning's swim.  Not pictured: That seal.  He was stalking me again.  Le sigh...

The foot of the cliffs looking West towards Overstrand's main beach...

... and the view East towards Sidestrand

Amongst the various lifeforms populating this sheltered environment were loads of Gatekeeper butterflies...

... some Large Skippers (at least, I think that's what this is)...

... a Conehead Bush Cricket nymph...

... a Field Grasshopper...

... several largish bees I can't identify...

... a wild rose...

... and its rosehips...

... some bullrushes and...

::clutches pearls and fans self::
This is where it got to.  The Nest of Horrors.

Oops!  Sorry, Cormorants.  Didn't mean to startle you.


  1. Replies
    1. I thought I could see a little skeleton in there, but I dismissed it as my imagination. Now I'm not so sure...

  2. Cool! Very nice and gorgeous fotos of flowers and butterflies, all so vibrant and lively. Then the thorns appear on leaf the grasshopper is sitting on, somewhat a spiky surprise in what has been a lovely safari in the floral delights of the seaside hills. More spectacular scenery and thriving plants and animals. Then Bam! Spider web covered nest! Totally unexpected gruesome shock. And we are reminded that nature is raw, savage, and vicious! Survival of the fittest (and the luckiest!). Love that creepy webbed nest. Very appalling and riveting! Great work!

    At first glance, I mistook the rosehips for tomatoes. What a fascinating looking fruit!

    1. You think that leaf the grasshopper is sitting on is spiky? It's a shame my photos of the roses don't show their spikes - Betelgeuse has nothing on them!

  3. AAAAARRRRGHHHH!!!! I am not keen on the nest of horrors.
    We have ripe blackberries in our hedge banks - too soon!

    1. I hope our blackberries ripen soon. Then, when whatever bursts out of that nest can eat the berries rather than any passing witches.

  4. Replies
    1. I hear the present occupier is offering it as a holiday let in a week or two. Fancy a visit?

  5. There is definitely a skeleton in there. I can just tell.

    1. More than one, I expect. I just hope they're removed before its let out for Hound.


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